Quick Trivia: Filipina Olympic long jumpers

Torres’ 2012 Olympic long jump performance puts her 2nd behind Lerma Gabito’s 2004 performance

Marestella Torres’ 6.22m long jump performance in the recent London Olympic Games, was actually the 2nd farthest jump of a Filipina in the history of the Olympics.

The number 1 ranked Filipina is non other than, Lerma Balauitan-Gabito,  who’s 2004 Athens Games performance was 6.31m.

Below is the ranking of all Filipina in the Olympic long jump competitions:

1.   6.31m Lerma Gabito, 2004 Athens

2.   6.22m Marestella Torres, 2012 London

3.   6.17m Marestella Torres, 2008 Beijing

4.   6.04m Elma Muros, 1996 Atlanta (13/25)

5.   5.64m Elma Muros, 1984 Los Angeles

6.   5.59m Visitation Ribagorda, 1960 Rome

7.   5.52m Lolita Lagrosas, 1964 Tokyo

Photocredits: Associated Press

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2 Responses to Quick Trivia: Filipina Olympic long jumpers

  1. Jade Torres says:

    A good result is a bonus…but being part of it is worth more…Well done Team Philippines Paralympic 2012

  2. No matter what way we look at it. The final result is not a good result.

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