My Season 2

October 26, 2010:

My Season 2 began a bit late because of the injury that I have sufferred during the last week of May 2010.  I rested my foot for 2 weeks, then recurred again after a week of running.  Finally, I was able to run pain-free by mid August.

For my 2010-2011 season, I decided to adopt Arthur Lydiard’s system.  I have come accross this article in the web, and it really made sense: lydiardosaka90

My base training began in mid August with low mileage.  Up until October everthing’s goin smoothly.  I have gradually increased my mileage every 4 weeks with a week of tapering in between.  It worked as my foot began to adjust to the increased mileage.  However, non-running related illnesses has bothered me for the last 10 days, a whopping cough which grounded me for 7 days, followed by a pesky sore eyes which prevented me from running for 2days now.   I may have to revise my season 2 schedule and targets.


1) November 28, 2010 – Run BGC 3k

Venue: The Fort

3k Official Time: 16:17.01

Ranking:  28th out of 985

Official Results: Run-BGC-2010-3k-Overall

The race was good overall.  Fastest 1k was the first one at 4:55, then floated in the next 2 kilometers.  Kicked hard in the last 300m upon seeing the finish line.  With my training still at the early base training phase, the time and placing were good enough.

2) December 19, 2010 – Run for Change 3k

Venue: McKinley Hills

3; Official Time: 17:16

Ranking: 9th out of 101

Official Results: Run for Change 3K-overall

It was a lung busting 3k.  This was arguably the hardest 3k race that I’ve participated in, with its 4 uphill climbs. Two of the climbs are steep enough for one veteran runners to walk the ridiculous climbs early and late in the race.  The first hill was barely 300 metes into the race, then flat for the next 1.5 kilometers.  The second hill will sap your energy more as you geared towards the second half of the race.  The third hill is about 250m long with about 100m ascend, with about 500m to go.  Then in the last 200m, another mild hill will greet you towards the finish line.  Replace the concrete with grass and this course maybe a good cross country route.  Im just happy with my slow 17:16.

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