Results – Track Meets

10 Responses to Results – Track Meets

  1. Hi Pinoyhalfmiler. My organization is planning to set up an OPEN TRACK MEET and looking for persons we can align with to help us organize. Keep in touch if you can lend us a hand with your expertise please.

  2. Carla Millan says:


    We will be having a bloggers conference for an upcoming event that our company will host and we would like to invite you!

    May I please have your email address where we can discuss this further?

    Looking forward to working with you soon!

  3. Paciano Cid says:

    some entries of Jesson ramil Cid are not consistent (i.e) his date of birth mag ibaiba…

  4. D.J.Singh says:

    Could U please help me getting the Asian Masters Athletics Meet /Championship Records till 2011 And not the Asian Masters Age group records which many countries Dont send. Thanks

  5. can I please get the results for the Prisaa regional for region III and PRISAA National. please? Thank you!

    • we will check with our contacts john. thanks

    • pirieandrew says:

      PRISAA Regional meet results are next to impossible to get as alot of them are never into computerised format. Secondly since they do not have acredited IAAF officials, the performances at these meets are very inaccurate and doubtful.

      PRISAA National, i have put a request for these results but as of yet have not been provided, i only have partial results from newspapers and word of mouth.

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