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Pinoymiler is a blog created and maintained by a God fearing man, a born again Christian, who is a CPA by profession, and a runner by heart.

Pinomiler is Moriel Roxas Carreon.

I was introduced to road running by my uncle, Manny Roxas, when I was 11 years old (1984).  Uncle Manny used to tag me along whenever he joins road races.  And from there, my interest on running developed.

When I transferred to UST in time for High School studies, I quickly tried out for the track team and immediately passed the try outs. From 1987 to 1995, I was a member of the UST Track Team that competed in the UAAP.  I was the Team Captain of the Seniors Team during my 4th year in College (1994-1995) .

During my early high school days, I used to compete in the 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters and 5,000 meters, but have no success medal wise.

I discovered that I am more suitable for shorter, faster races like 400 meters and 800 meters when I was about to graduate from High School.

So during my college days, I concentrated on these two events.

After college graduation, I hanged up my spikes to pursue a corporate career, as most college players do in this country. Even today, college athletes rarely pursue their respective sports because there are no financial benefits by sticking to them, except basketball of course.

From 1996 to 2009, I’ve purposely avoided the lure of road races simply because I don’t want to just  join any race and merely finish it, I’d like to join because I want to compete and maintain a standard of sorts.  And because respectable performances need respectable training sessions (which is impossible to do due to work demand), I was not able to join any races.

There are two causes that prompted me to go back to the sports I love.

First is when I resigned from my last job last June 2009 and decided to pursue public practicing as a CPA.  This gave me the time to do some running in the afternoons.

Second is when I heard my pastor delivered a sermon one Sunday.  It was about the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25: 14-30 and Luke 19:12-28), which really touched my heart.  God gave me a special skill that allowed me to finish college for free and which gave me relatively good health, why continue to ignore it and let it go to waste?

And when finally I run again, my passion was rekindled.  This passion became so intense that I decided to pursue an advocacy ,which hopefully will help my country the Philippines, be a world beater in middle distance races.

This blog is about the promotion of middle distance running in the Philippines.

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