Del Prado’s 400m record’s 30th anniversary

Exactly thirty years ago, Isidro del Prado registered a world-class 45.57 seconds mark at the ASEAN Cup 400m finals held in Manila.  His performance was so shockingly fast and ahead of its time, it was in the Top 3 Asian All time list at that time and is still the fastest in the South East Asian Region.

1981 Photo of Isidro del Prado Sr.

1981 Photo of Isidro del Prado Sr.

“Del” first broke the 400m national mark of 48.41s held by Clemente Lupangco by registering 47.10s at the 1981 SEA Games held in Manila.  Then brought it down six more times, culminating in his epic 45.57s during the ASEAN Cup, again in Manila.

No other Filipino quartermiler has dominated the 400m event the way the man from Sorsogon has dominated it.

Aside from his genes, del was fortunate to be coached by two great coaches early in his career.  Olympian Anthony Benson from Australia, and Marcelo Langurayan, national champion in the 800/1500m in the 1960s.  The influence of the two coaches explains Del’s ability to compete competitively up to the 800m.

Aside from the 400m mark, Del Prado used to own the Philippine National Marks at the 200m and 800m before Ralph Waldy Soquilon and John Lozada broke them.

Isidro is now coaching in Brunei since 2009 and has guided an quarter miler there to a National Mark of 48+s.

How long will Del’s record survive in the record books?  How I wish a young Filipino quartermiler barges into the scene next year and wipe out his record,  it’s good for the sports.  But reality check, nobody from the college ranks has the capability to break Del’s record maybe for the next 5 years.

Below is the Southeast Asian All Time list for the 400m as of 2014 courtesy of Jad Adrian Washif:

Rank Mark Athlete’s Name Country Venue Date
1 45.57 Isidro del Prado Sr. PHI Manila 01-Dec-84
2 46.05 Aktawat Sakoolchan THA Chiang Mai 10-Dec-95
3 46.37 Eliaser Wettebosi INA Singapore 14-Jun-93
4 46.41 Mohd Zaiful Zainal Abidin MAS Bandar Seri Begawan 20-Jul-01
5 46.56 Nordin Mohd Jadi MAS Jakarta 18-Sep-87
6 46.56 Julius Felicisimo Nierras PHI Nakhon Ratchas 11-Dec-07
7 46.59 Ernie Candelario PHI Kuala Lumpur 13-Sep-01
8 46.64 Jukkathip Pocharoen THA Nakhon Ratchas 11-Dec-07
9 46.68 Yuthana Thonglek THA Singapore 14-Jun-93
10 46.72 Narong Niploy THA Kuala Lumpur 13-Sep-01


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