Celebrating 5 years of Pinoymiler


On November 27, 2014, Pinoymiler’s blog will celebrate its 5 years of existence.  And there’s no better way of celebrating it by giving back to its followers and readers.  We will give away Pinoymiler tshirts, standby for the design of the shirt, as well as the mechanics and details on how to win it.

The blogsite is undergoing some aesthetic improvements, for better and easier reading and browsing.

Pinoymiler will also be more active in posting local videos of upcoming collegiate meets.  These videos will be uploaded in the Pinoymiler Channel in Youtube and will be connected to this blog as well.

The Pinoymiler Tweeter account will also be used more. The whole month of November, we will post daily thru the tweeter, the 30 most memorable pictures that this blog has taken from 2009 to 2014.

Watch out for articles featuring college teams, upcoming athletes and established stars.

With deep gratitude, many thanks to all the readers who supported the blog.

Enjoy the month of November!


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