Bahrain’s new imports

Effective 3rd quarter of 2014, Bahrain has three (3) recruits that will be allowed to run under its flag as per IAAF rule.   They are:

1. El Hassan El Abbassi from Morocco, effective July 19, 2014.

El Hassan winning the 2014 Ottawa 10k

El Hassan winning the 2014 Ottawa 10k (Photocredit: Sebastien Lavallee)

Personal bests: 5,000m = 13:33.95/ 10,000m = 27.32.96/ half marathon = 1:01.09.  Entered at the 10,00m at the Asian Games.

2. Eunice Jepkirui Kirwa from Kenya, effective July 15, 2014

Jepkirui during Rio de Janeiro Marathon

Jepkirui during Rio de Janeiro Marathon Photocredit:


Personal bests: 3,000m steeplechase = 10:18.3/ 10 kms = 31.57/ half marathon = 1:08:31, marathon = 2:21:41.  Entered in the marathon at the Asian Games.

3. Rajaa Lemmadi from Morocco, effective September 10, 2014

Personal bests: 800m = 2:06.96/ 1500m = 4:34.96.  Entered in the 800m and 4x400m at the Asian Games.

Source: IAAF, Gulf Daily News


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2 Responses to Bahrain’s new imports

  1. Whats your take on imports who have no connection with the country. I mean all the Saudi countries have pritty much mercenary team. Let me point out there is a distinction between getting good athletes from other countries with no connection and athletes who have some bloodline of the native population.

    This might be one reason why the OCA put in its new 3 year residency rule for naturalized citizens and implemented it in Basketball and this effected the Philippines, Korea and Taipei.

    • Hi Andrew, first, FIBA only allows one naturalized player per country at any given tournament (FIBA sactioned only of course). The reason for the naturalized player, if im not mistaken is to further propagate the growth of the sports in countries outside of the USA. By arming lesser basketball powers naturalized players. By allowing countries to be more competitive in the global level, they generate interest among the fanbase, fanning the growth of the sports. Almost all countries are doing this. Even USA (Olajuwon of Nigeria and Tim Duncan of Virgin Islands). Russia (Holden), Spain (Ibaka). But the key here is only one per country.

      Now going back to Athletics, most imports are coming from west african countries and their choiced destinations mostly are middle eastern countries, europe, USA and Australia. The reason MOSTLY of course is obvious, financial.
      Back in the 80s, Zola Budd switched allegiance from South Africa to GBR due to politics. This is a very different case. Nowadays, countries( no matter how they deny it) offer lucrative contracts.
      I think the key here in controlling this is to allow one naturalized athlete per event per country. Or set a number as limit, say 5 per country in one event. This way, the talents of that continent will not get overshadowed. My thoughts.

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