2012 Unigames 200m finals videos

Jesson Ramil Cid (078) at the 200m heats

FEU’s Jesson Ramil Cid showed his wide range talent by winning the 2012 Unigames 200m dash.  Cid, who was at lane 6, quickly ate lanes 7 & 8 at 100m mark, but was slightly behind Daniel Noval (lane 5).  At the beginning of the final straight (80m),  Cid drew level with Anfernee Lopena for 2nd as Noval led by about 1m.  From that point on, Cid and Noval slowly distanced themselves from the pack with the former passing the latter in the last 6 strides to win the title.

Below are the results, all HT:

Event: 200m – MEN (Final)
1 078 Jesson Ramil Cid FEU 21:9
2 097 Daniel Noval DLS-St. Benilde 22:0
3 072 Jhonrey Bardos FEU 22:4
4 094 Anfernee Lopena DLS-St. Benilde 22:5
5 225 Paul John de Leon UP 23:1
6 180 Dustine Devera UST 23:1
7 182 Michael Angelo Baay UST 23:2
8 253 Domingo Cabradilla JRU 23:3

The women’s 200m final more or less mirrored the same result as the winner came back in the last 10m to win the title.

Maureen Shrijvers (lane 3) gobbled up all 7 finalists to lead at the 100m mark.  Meanwhile, Josie Malacad started slow but started to gain ground just before the 100m mark.  At the beginning of the straight, Mau led Josie by about 2m, and slightly increased it to 3m at the last 50m.  From thereon, Josie kept on charging  until she passed Mau at her last 3 strides to the finish.

Below are the results, all HT:

Event: 200m – WOMEN (Final)
1 089     Josie Malacad FEU 25.6
2 145 Maureen, Schrijvers DLSU-Mla. 25.7
3 171 Abotalmo, Rechelle Mae UST 26.5
4 170 Bone bane, Viena Mae UST 26.6
5 070 Meder, Langie May UM 26.7
6 207 Bargola, Ruffa UP 27.0
7 005 Jagocoy, Anna Marie UNO-R 27.8
8 088 Juanillo, Daisyry FEU 27.9

Photos and Videos courtesy of Elaine Villanueva  for Pinoymiler

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