World record holder wins Berlin Marathon

Aside from the World Championships and the Olympics, there are five (5) other marathon races that are included in the World Marathon Majors:  the London, New York, Chicago, Boston and Berlin Marathon.

The Berlin marathon, attracts marquee athletes from the world over because of the sheer size of the prize:  $500,000 for  the 1st place (none for  the 2nd placer) and the relatively flat and even surface which makes world record attempts possible.

In fact, five world marathon records ( 4 men and 1 women) were set in the Berlin course since 2000.  Below are the records set in Berlin:

Mutai wins the 2012 Berlin Marathon with the 6th fastest marathon of all time

Last September 30, the Berlin went underway and as usual, went very fast.  Though there’s a question whether they 2nd placer Dennis Kimetto deliberately lost to 1st place and world record holder, Geoffrey Mutai, both athletes cracked the top 10 All Time list with as they sneaked in at 6th ad 7th place.

According to Lets

“Coming down the stretch it did not look like a foot race to win a major marathon, it did not look like a foot race to win anything. Mutai was in front and Kimetto was a couple of strides behind on his left. That’s how it remained until the finish. No frantic kick or grimaces on either guy’s face. It’s unfortunate this race ended with such speculation, because it was an absolute masterpiece until the final two miles. The world record was in doubt until the pace just cratered during the last 2km. Even though they finished over 30 seconds off of the world record, most people watching it live were wondering if the record would be broken until the finishing straight. It’s only in hindsight easy to see that Mutai and Kimetto cratered at the end.”

Below is the Men’s marathon All Time List as of September 30, 2012:

Rank Mark Athlete Country Venue Date
1 2:03:02 Geoffrey Mutai Kenya Boston 4/18/2011
2 2:03:06 Moses Mosop Kenya Boston 4/18/2011
3 2:03:38 Patrick Makau Kenya Berlin 9/25/2011
4 2:03:42 Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich Kenya Frankfurt 10/30/2011
5 2:03:59 Haile Gebrselassie Ethiopia Berlin 9/28/2008
6 2:04:15 Geoffrey Mutai Kenya Berlin 9/30/2012
7 2:04:16 Dennis Kimetto Kenya Berlin 9/30/2012
8 2:04:23 Ayele Absehero Ethiopia Dubai 1/27/2012
9 2:04:26 Haile Gebrselassie Ethiopia Berlin 9/30/2007
10 2:04:27 Duncan Kibet Kenya Rotterdam 4/5/2009
10 2:04:27 James Kwambai Kenya Rotterdam 4/5/2009

Sources: Lets , Wikipedia

Photocredits: Johannes Eisele 

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