Quick Trivia: Men’s 800m

David Rudisha towed the field from start to finish and led the fastest 800m final in history as all 8 finalists went sub 1:44.

Did you know that David Rudisha’s 800m gold medal run at the London Olympics is only the 5th time that a world record was reset in the finals?   To further hype the feat, the last time that such accomplishment was done, was 9 Olympics ago, that’s 36 years ago. (click here for the video)

Alberto Juantorena of Cuba was the last man to do such feat in 1976 (click here for the video).

Below are the 800m world record runs during the Olympic finals:

1:40.91  David Rudisha (KEN) 2012-08-09 LondonUnited Kingdom[3]
1:43.5 1:43.50  Alberto Juantorena (CUB) 1976-07-16 Montreal, Canada[1]
1:44.3 1:44.40  Ralph Doubell (AUS) 1968-10-15 Mexico City, Mexico[1]
1:49.8 1.49.70  Tommy Hampson (GBR) 1932-08-02 Los Angeles, USA[1]
1:51.9+  Ted Meredith (USA) 1912-07-08 Stockholm, Sweden[1]

Source: Wikipedia


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