Conversations with Coach Jojo

Coach Jojo Posadas (L) and the Pinoymiler during the interview

Playing for the Seniors Team of the UST Growling Tigers back in ’92 to ’95, I was always fascinated by one coach.  A mustache bearing man, who was also the better half of Philippine athletics legend, Elma Muros – the enigmatic Jojo Posadas.

After two decades after our first encounter, I finally sat down and had coffee with him, to discuss about his family, career and the sports we commonly love.

Jojo Posadas part 1 : Coach Jojo talks about how he and Elma first met, and his early athletics career (click this link):

Part 2: Coach Jojo talks about the players he has handled over his coaching career and to his personal assessment, who is the next long jump queen (click this link);

Part 3: Coach Jojo talks about the next Philippine Heptathlon queen after Elma and the reason why athletics is not popular in the country these days (click this link);

Part 4: Coach Jojo talks about the changes in PATAFA he will implement, given the chance (click this link)

Part 5: Coach Jojo talks about the 2011 SEA Games alleged manipulation of time (click this link);

Part 6: Coach Jojo gives his message to the national coaches (click this link);

Part 7: Coach Jojo gives his message to PATAFA (click this link)

Part 8: Coach jojo talks about his long-term plans (click this link)

Coach Jojo was born on June 20, 1963.  He hails from Gen San.  Finished his high school studies at Notre Dame.  Split his college days between Notre Dame and FEU.  He played two UAAP seasons for FEU (86 to 87).  He earned his BS Education in 1987.

He is currently Assistant coach of FEU (under Coach Andaya), assistant coach of JRU (under Elma Muros), part time coach at Brent (together with Elma) and part time coach of Meralco.

His Personal bests are the following:

400m: 49.9, National Open

400m LH: 57.4, UAAP Gold

200m: 22.4s, UAAP

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2 Responses to Conversations with Coach Jojo

  1. pirieandrew says:

    Good job Moriel. Goto disagree with 5.40 and 5.30 only for manila long jumpers. Although they are only slightly better than that. Mr Posadas is right though that they are not being developed in NCR.

    • @Andrew: thanks. It gets better as we go into the latter parts. Will publish parts 3 to 6 one after the other after my Paris vacation. I just inserted parts 1 & 2 during the tour.

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