Filipino Track Records in Chaos and Collission Part 2: The Philippines Greatest Female Thrower and the oldest junior record

Acknowledgment and Revision Notes

I would like to personally thank Mr. Silva Netto of the PATAFA and Mr. Heinrech Hubbeling of the Asian Athletics Association for there help in providing source material for the Revision of the Philippine  National, Junior National and UAAP Records. Last weeks episode covered revising the UAAP high school record of Juan Carlos ‘Jay’ Arteficio. This outstanding mark was even better than the then Collegiate record of 1.96m, and was better until 2011 when DLSU Andrew Wilson set a new mark of 2.03m in the college division.  Which as mentioned has been passed for review with mountains of evidence to the UAAP board.

The next article was going to be on Arteficio cousin Olympian Edward Lasquette claim on the junior record at 4.89m, but I am yet to receive documentation from Mr. Lasquette although the jump is valid Im awaiting on the proof he held a Filipino passport back in 1990.

This week we will look at the Philippines Womens Discus record.  I would like to welcome all the Milers to the story behind the countries greatest ever female thrower.


Born in Cebu on April 15, 1946. Josephine De la Vina would go onto set a legacy in Philippine Athletics that has not been matched.  She got her earliest contact to sports playing first base for the softball team of Labangon at Cebu Elementary school. Becoming part of the CIT (Cebu Institute of Technology) where promising athletes were properly developed. ‘Big Jo’ as she became known due to her height at 6’0 was exceeding tall for a Filipina especially in those days, would excel in Shotput, Discus and Javelin.  Jo recalled

“Every time I’d win in an international meet, tears would fill my eyes when the Philippine tri-color was hoisted and the band played the National Anthem. Although my father is Mexican I believe I should remain a Filipino. I am proud to be one.”

De la Vina the countries greatest ever female thrower at the height of her powers in the 1960s and 1970s

Judging on the age of some first sea games participants (Lydia was 15 and Elma 14 when they debuted for the Philippines in relays) it wouldn’t be out of the question to think De la Vina might have competed in the SEA Games in 1961 in Rangoon or then known as the SEA Peninsula Games.

The National Junior Record in Discus

At then 16 years of age Dela Via competed at her first ever Asian Track and Field Championships winning the bronze in 37.39m.  It was two years later at the Tokyo Olympics  Dela Via then aged 18 would throw 42.27m, which until now is a mark still greater than the 42.18m registered by Roselyn Hamero in Bacolod at the Palarong Pambansa some 34 years later.

I was going with this claim with the minimal record which is still greater than the standing record, as the 1964 Tokyo olympic results is a very official meet with De la Vina representing the country. And a google search quickly provides access to these timeless results on the Internet.

Further evidence supplied by PATAFA indicates though that a year later at the National Games De La Vina would on to improve her National  Junior Record backed by the following statement

“We verified from our 1965 National Open Championships results in Manila that Josephine dela Vina indeed threw 158’9″ (48.38meters, fraction of centimeters is downgraded)” from PATAFA reply email.

my fear was that like some of the records of the Palaro kept with the PSC that they did not use computers back then and these type writered results were kept in musky filing cabinets and the ink may have faded.

I recall being told at one stage they used to not have a junior division at the National Games and so it must have been Dela Vina at 18 won the Senior title and this record may have been overlooked. Thanks to double checking from various statscian this mark now gets the recognition it deserves as the oldest Junior Record on file in Philippine Track and Field. .

The Countries Greatest Female Thrower

Dela Vina would go on to represent the country in three olympic games 1964, 1968, 1972. She also set an untounched record in the Discus at 54.71m at Bakersfield, USA on 10/7/1971. Remarkably De la Vina shares the unique feat of being Asian Games champion 1966 (47.58m), Asian Track and Field Champion 1973 (50.74m) shared only with Lydia De Vega-Mercado

Discus Name DOB Placing Venue Date Set
1 54.71m Josephine De La Vina 15/4/46 1 Bakersfield, USA 10/7/1971
2 45.26m Dorie Cortejo 23/3/58 2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 23/8/1989
3 43.09m Roselyn Hamero 2/7/1979 1 Manila 5/5/2000
4 41.78m Consuela Lacusong 19/1/1954 1985
5 41.41m Rosie Villarito 8/1/1979 Manila 2002
6 40.25m Maika De Oro 9/12/1994 1 Dapitan 13/5/2011
7 39.34m Carla Yson 81 1 Penang 9/7/1997
8 39.31m Maria Abing 1 Dumaguete 16/4/1970
9 36.47m Micah Sibayan 1 Manila 29/1/2011
10 35.07m Kenneth Grace Ferrera 89 Pasig 18/12/2010

*Current All-Time List of countries 10 Best ever Discus Throwers. Date maybe revised if sufficient evidence provided to update.

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