Filipino Track Records in Chaos and Collission Part 1: The Ghost that helped solve a mystery (rev 1)

For 19 long years the record breaking performance of Juan Carlos Arteficio has been missing from the UAAP record books. Jay as he likes to be called these days now lives in Canada. This very interesting tale will tell how a past olympian helped Jay find the evidence he needed to prove his claim.

Late in the evening on the 20th of February 2010 1993 a then 17 year old Jay was competing for Ateneo High School. The teenager broke his own UAAP record joining an elusive group of Filipino Men who had surpassed the 2 meter mark.

The Rizal memorial stadium was very dark by this stage with nearly all the athletes packed up and gone home. A dedicated group of officials and team mates numbering around 20-30 chose to stay behind and help offer Jay moral support.  Jay then called for the bar to be raised to 2.05m which he failed to clear, a height that would haunt him right up until his athletic career ended in the late 90s.

Jay Arteficio clears 2.00m at the end of the 1993 UAAP Championships a new record in High School Division.

When publishing the Lists of Male High Jumpers on the pinoymiler facebook group. Two Atenenans had approached me Ed Sediego (Jay’s high school coach) and Enrico Quodola. The two are now coaches at Ateneo and they had stayed true to their friend. Very persistent in hoping to get Jays official record recognized at first i was rather skeptical. As Jay’s record was recognized as 1.90m the year before in 1992 as the official UAAP High school boys record. For Quodola and Sediego this obviously brought back a flood of memories from the 90s as it was sounding like they were back in high school again trying to help out a life long friend.

A video was presented of the jump… but for days we were stumped as i actually required a bit more evidence. During this time Jay had added me as a friend on facebook. Me and Jay discussed a number of things including the athlete who inspires him most 1932 Olympian and bronze medalist Simeon Toribio the first filipino of only two filipinos to ever win a track and field medal at an olympic games and the first man to clear 2.00m.

It was while searching for a photo of his idol, EUREKA! Jay discovered these newspaper clippings as clear evidence he had jumped 2.00m back from 1993. It was Toribio a true olympic champion and legend of Filipino Track and Field who had intervened from beyond the grave to aide Jay in his quest to set things right and helped him find concrete proof of his records.

Simeon Toribio (centre) helped Jay beyond the grave.

Toribio died in 1969, after the olympic games he became a lawyer and was elected to the house of representatives, representing Bohol  from 1941-1952.

Jay Arteficio, did not compete as a senior in the UAAP he moved to Canada and attended college there. Up until when he retired in 1999 he was still able to clear 2.00m. But was not ever able to overcome the psychological barrier of 2.05m.

Below is the physical evidence (Article B, backed by Article A, which are newspaper articles Jay has kept for his scrap book)  supporting that Jay has cleared 2.00m back in 1993. The Asian Athletics Chief Statiscian has already approved this as an official performance and a copy has now been sent to PATAFA to ratify and ammend the UAAP Record.

Article A

Article B


In an update to my article the PATAFA has now replied to my emails providing me with an excerpt from the official result of the 1993 UAAP Results (Article C) below (click to enlarge) . The case is now being passed onto Coach Tony Potenciano of UP and the UAAP board to make ammendments. The Article C even states Jay broke the record.

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  1. kara says:

    Nicely written! 🙂

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