All major 100m titles belong to Jamaica

Jamaica OWNS All Significant Male World 100m Titles

Did you know that Jamaica is the first and only country to have all significant male 100m sprint titles, for all ages, all levels, at the same time as follows:

Odeen Skeene (World Youth Olympics champion) Odeen Skeene

Odail Todd (World Youth Championship) Odail Todd

Dexter Lee (World Junior Champion) Dexter Lee

Lerone Clarke (Commonwealth Games Champion) Lerone Clarke

Usain Bolt (Olympic Champion) Usain Bolt

Yohan Blake (World Champion) Yohan Blake


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2 Responses to All major 100m titles belong to Jamaica

  1. pirieandrew says:

    yes thanks for that response. But the Carifta Games and Central American titles are not global events.

  2. Naldo says:

    You forget the Carifta Games Champion Jazeel Murphy who at 17 years of age won the 100m in 10:28 seconds.
    Lerone Clarke close victory on the 100m at the Central America and Caribbean Games!

    Jamaica is the undisputed Sprint Factory of our Universe.

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