A Week in Review: 2 New Philippine Athletic Websites, National Games, National Records and Malaysian 4×4 revision 1

  1. Pwesto.net
  2. Hypersports new site by Djundi Binas (article on Rene Herrera)
  3. Update on the National Games
  4. Update on National Records
  5. Malaysian 4×4


I would like to personally thank all the Milers for there support in 2011. And would like to announce that plans are underway for the launch of our new website Pwesto.net. It is a very exciting outlook for the future of what started off as a simple training diary for Moriel Carreon. Pwesto.net intends to offer better access to results and a forum which will allow more discussion in relation to important track matters in the Philippines.


I would also like to point out the launch of a new website by a friend of mine Mr. Djundi Binas a former member of the national team in the Mens Pole Vault. Djundi is the countries #3 best ever pole vaulter after filam former sea games champion and olympian Edward Lasquette and current national coach and asian masters record holder Emerson Obiena. Binas who was coached by Mr. Obiena for the majority of his career brings a wealth of knowledge into the sport and aswell as having the practical knowledge as an athlete also is a certified gym trainer having worked for fitness first.

This is Hypersports vision
As a group of highly passionate individuals and athletes, our vision is to be the Philippines’ premier sporting events organizer and sports performance training group. We would like to continue and make running a well renowned sport in the country.

Conducting premier sporting events (road races, track & field events, others) and professional sports performance training, we aim to promote and achieve our mission in making each individual learn to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

They have published an article on athlete i have provided info on here

Update on the National Games

At first an early newspaper source said that Baguio was the only location interested in making a bid for this years National Games. The PSC facebook page has told me the National Games is due to be held in Dumaguete and the tentative date is May 27 to June 3.  However sources have also told me PATAFA wants to have the event in Laguna. I would appreciate if a national coach or PATAFA admin could reply to this comment to help clarify things. It is kind of good in a way how the PSC has let the athletes know four months in advance this year, rather than last year when it was not announced until less than two months before the competition it was going to be staged in Bacolod.

Update on National Records

Working with Asian Athletics Chief Statscian Heinrech Hubbeling i have been reviewing the current national track and field records in place. The dates of birth, dates of performance and performances have now been properly double checked to ensure they meet IAAF standards and any annomolaties have been removed from the current listings. These new lists will be published shortly once they have been correlated.

Some notable corrections to previous information provided by pinoymiler

  • The Date of Birth of Jesson Ramil Cid is 31/12/1991 not 31/12/1992 therefore the time reported as a National Junior Record of 48.76 is not valid, and the record reverts back to Ralph Waldy Soguilon at 48.81 during the 2002 UAAP Championships. Therefore any marks set in 2011 after by the said athlete are not considered junior records.

Malaysian 4×4

Here are some interesting articles on the Malaysian 4×4 team. One of the members has allegedly tested positive for a banned substance however we should really wait for the B-Sample before passing any sort of judgement. If the Malaysian 4×4 is revoked this automatically would promote the Philippines quartet of Archand Christian Bagsit,Edgardo Alejan Jr., Julius Nierras and Junrey Bano to the gold medal position and increase the Philippines medal count for 2011 SEA Games to three golds.







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