The Value of Credibility by Misael Perez

The Value of Credibility

By Misael Perez

There is a reason why one kicks a dying horse. It is a matter of cruelty, you would like to know if it can still stand to continue working. In the blogpost I provided, “Track and Field Dying”, PATAFA President Go Teng Kok and his National team coaches may be kicking a dying horse by pointing the finger on both PSC and POC for their NSA’s recent SEAG showing. By laying the blame away from PATAFA there may be a chance that the horse may still get up, at least that’s what I think they are hoping. Yet hope against hope because one thing is for sure, confidence in PATAFA has been down for over the past years and its leadership has to realize it.

Credibility is the capacity of being believed and of maintaining the public’s confidence that its report of the conduct of its affairs is worthy of belief. How worthy now is PATAFA of public confidence? Does the public even know it exists? Will commercial interests risk becoming stakeholders to beef up the organization and the sport?
The other side of the coin gives us incredibility, the seemingly too far-fetched reality to be believed. Hindi kapapaniawala is the right term for this. Just take a look at Annex A and you will understand why it will be difficult believing PATAFA. You will find the official POC SEAG entry form of PATAFA submitted last 22 August, 2011.

Examining this document should make us question the competency and motive of the coaches responsible. The veracity of this line-up will have to make us also question the credibility of the PATAFA coaches involved in this matter. Kapani-paniwala pa ba sila?

Josie Malacad, a member of the training pool, was listed to have timed a record of 57.4 in the Low Hurdles. This mark should be classified a national record. This means she broke the standing record of Elma Muros-Posadas. According to the date of the record it occurred in the UAAP meet on January 29, 2011. Keep in mind also, that the UAAP meet timing system was not electronic but hand-timed.

Besides Malacad’s inclusion Donos, Magsat, and Dalyn’s inclusion are also questionable because their marks are too far behind PSC required standard for the 2011 SEAG which is the Bronze medal mark of the 2009 SEAG.

Collegiate coaches know very well Christopher Ulboc has never run a 1500m race below 3 minutes and 57 seconds. PATAFA submitted a performance record of 3 minutes 48 seconds which should have made him qualify for the SEAG line-up.

Also submitted was a performance record of Isidro del Prado Jr., indicating he clocked 21.45 seconds in the 200m. The date indicated is from the Philippine National Games Athletics meet and del Prado Jr. was clocked at 22.05 seconds in that meet.

Coach Benjamine Silva-Netto appears as signatory of the submitted line-up. Validity had to be questioned because Mr. Silva-Netto has been in the U.S. since last June. The entry list is dated 22 August.
When a coach submits 3-7 year old Personal Best marks shouldn’t coaching competency be questioned?

o Nieras 400m @ 46.56; 11/12/07

o Herrera 5000m @ 14:51.40; 26/5/11 – 3000m SC @ 8:49.39; 28/4/04.

o Sermona 5000m @ 14:24.71; 5/4/07 – 10000m @ 30:16.91; 14/11/07.

o Buenavista 10000m @ 29:02.36; 7/10/07 – Marathon @ 2:18:44; 1/2/04

o Dagmil Long Jump @ 7.99m; 7/6/08

o Sermona Hammer Throw @ 48.82m; 4/11/06

How competent are the coaches of PATAFA when they do not submit the latest records of athletes, even if these athletes make the mark?

• Rene Herrera was gold medallist in the 3kSC in the 2009 SEAG clocking 9:11.20 and he clocked 9:06.2 in Bacolod PNG last May. By all means, Herrera will qualify for the 2011 SEAG using his 2010-2011 records. But PATAFA submitted his 2004 record.

• Atilano clocked 14.15 in the 100LH clearly making her beat the 4.21 bronze medal mark. Why submit her 2 year old PB instead even when she made the mark?

• Griffey is included and clearly meets the bronze medal mark in the 100md and 200md. I was told she wasn’t included in the final line-up because she wasn’t of the National Pool, hindi bata ng PATAFA.

At around September Mr. Go called a meeting of PATAFA coaches and officials. He also invited Coaches Renato Unso, Rosito Andaya, Romy Sotto and Mr. Claro Peliosis in a gesture to have them become PATAFA senior advisers. The invitation was declined but the agenda turned to another matter.

Coach Unso started lambasting the coaching staff for the wrong records in the official entry forms submitted to POC. He pinpointed the abovementioned items one by one. Most coaches fell silent but others denied wrongdoing. Coach Unso was incredulous when he was told the submitted entries were only a draft. But think about it, if POC did not ask knowledgeable non-PATAFA coaches to check the submitted line-up lusot itong 41-man line-up na ito.

Up to 30 September debates and arguments raged around the composition of the line-up. PATAFA was adamant but POC and PSC wanted it trimmed down and wanted a more credible line-up. By the end of September what was approved was a new 22-man line-up. See Attachment B.

I think this was the main distraction that prevented our athletes from focusing in training properly. Until the beginning of October the final line-up was uncertain. Except for the likes of Maristella Torres, Rene Herrera, or Arniel Ferrera no one really knew who was going to Jakarta.

It all started because some coaches submitted questionable records in the entry form. Credibility was put on trial and it affected our athletes.

Also, according to a source from PSC, at around late October when this entry form came under question PATAFA produced a letter of consent from Coach Silve-Netto to use his signature. Was it too late the hero or too good to be true? Where stands credibility now?

POC and PSC should have considered sanctioning officials and coaches who submitted the inaccurate records. Instead they were lenient enough to respect PATAFA autonomy. In the end, they still get blamed for PATAFA’s “poor showing”.

Given all these, what is the gist of this problem? PATAFA should realize their credibility is nil. It should start to ask itself if the majority of track and field community are tired of its leadership. It should start to ask itself if the public is seriously aware of its efforts. It should seriously ask itself if the business community still holds confidence in the organization. It should also ask itself if government still finds it credible. Finally, it may be time to stop kicking the dying horse.

Annex A SEA_GAMES_2011_entry_forms_by_Name

Annex B SEAG Family list 22-man line-up<

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1 Response to The Value of Credibility by Misael Perez

  1. Sheena. says:

    Sheena Atilano
    I think i’ve been a member of this group as soon as it was first created.
    It’s been quite a good site since we have the channel to exchange ideas and opinions here about the things we love doing the most. And now, it happened that my name has been special mentioned in the blog.


    Why you have to mention my name since there’s no any discrepancy with the details attached with it? What message do you want to relay? I understand it’s addressed to PATAFA but i didn’t like reading it my name being highlighted. If there’s any coach you want to pinpoint, bravely address your concern to him/her and not to the athletes.

    As far as i know in any international competition, the Personal Best (PB) and Season’s Best (SB) are asked to be submitted. The form that was submitted was for an “ENTRY LIST” (ENTRY FORM BY NAME) and not for justification for sea games qualifications. The assignment of lanes in the competition are always based in the personal best of an athlete. SA ENTRY LIST PO BAGO MAGSTART ANG LARO makikita yung lahat ng PB ng athlete, hindi lang taga pilipinas ang nakakakita kundi lahat ng participants.

    Some part of this writing have been reiterated many times in this site. We are free to say anything here because it’s our own opinion and we respect that. Tapos na po ang sea games at sa pagkakaalam ko nakapag explain na ang PATAFA sa POC at PSC and also with coach Renato Unso kung bakit nangyari tong pagkakamali. I think PATAFA is aware and has been reading all your opinions here already.

    For me, the line-up that PATAFA prepared is fair enough regardless with the error that you were citing here. I have never really been involved in any conversations here because i know what’s going on inside. I think we should be fair enough in expressing our opinions and try to find first the facts and data.

    For now, if we are indeed sincere in helping out our favorite sport, we
    should focus on how we could help PATAFA and our athletes.

    By the way, there’s no such thing as 100LH (100 low hurdles).. it’s 100MH (100 meter hurdles).. thank you!

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