SEA Games Day 6: Only 2?

The Philippine Athletics Team received the final blows to its once proud team at the SEA Games.  Defending marathon champions Eduardo Buenavista and Jhoa Ann Banayag yielded their crowns one after the other as the curtains fall on the athletics show.

Eduardo Buenavista, owner of 2 SEA Games gold medals (2009 Marathon and 2003 10,000m), clocked in 2:29:09, his slowest SEA Games mark, and thus consequently yielded to 2007 Marathon titlist Yahuza Yahuza of Indonesia who timed  in a slow 2:27:45.

Eric Panique actually sneaked into second place with a 2:28:26 mark.

Men’s Marathon Results

Panique (top of podium) receiving his 2011 CamSur Marathon title

Jho Ann Banayag, poured in all her energy in claiming at least a bronze but faltered in the end.  She ended up 4th with a 2:50:40 clocking, almost two minutes adrift of 3rd place.

It was a strange women’s race with only 4 finshed, with 3 registered DNFs and one DNS.

Indonesian Triyaningsih, who is ranked number 1 in the SEA Top list of 10,000m as of October, surprised everyone by winning the gold in 2:45:35.

Women’s Marathon Results

This brings the total athletics medal tally of the Philippines to 2-8-4 (gold – silver – bronze), the worst since Gintong Alay was launched in the 80s.

Below are the final Athletics medal count of the 26th SEA Games (courtesy of Wikipedia):

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Thailand (THA) 14 8 10 32
2  Indonesia (INA) 11 12 12 35
3  Vietnam (VIE) 9 9 12 30
4  Malaysia (MAS) 6 2 4 12
5  Philippines (PHI) 2 8 4 14
6  Singapore (SIN) 2 3 1 6
7  Myanmar (MYA) 0 1 2 3
Total 40 40 40 120
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8 Responses to SEA Games Day 6: Only 2?

  1. Track Fan says:

    I understand how gruelling heptathlon would be for Kay Santos but I hope she considers 100m hurdles soon perhaps the national open next year she will be adding this event to her repertoire. This is the other event that well complements long jump and in fact might improve her best jump dramatically. She’s got one of the best strides from the LJ video of SEA Games competiton (though the turnover is not the best) posted in Adrian’s blog. Anyway I am glad there is a new upcoming star in local athletics.

  2. Track Fan says:

    I think the best new comer here is Mervin Guarte,with a couple of silvers and 2 personal bests. He is so young and so talented!!! I think he deserves foreign training and more intl competitons. Lastly congrats to Rene Herrera, the other gold medallist!

  3. Track Fan says:

    With exception of Marestella Torres’ record breaking leap of 6.71 m, young guns like long jumper Catherine Kay Santos, 400m runner Archand Bagsit, and middle distance runner Mervin Guarte were the saving grace of the SEA Games Athletics campaign. Never mind if we won only 2 golds, I can tell that the way the tracksters fought they seem to be united in placing the Philippines at least in the top 3 of each event. At least we now know that we have future stars awaiting nurture and guidance from our sports leader. Of all the athletes here, I must say I have the greatest expetations from Junrey Bano. I remember in my younger years how isidro del prado dropped his time from a 46.1 to 45.57 in less than 2 months way back in 1985 and since Bano achieved his 51.8 in August, I was hoping the same thing could happen. This things should be looked into by coaches. I know he made a new personal best, but I am pretty sure he is not happy with the repeat of his 4th place, just my insight. Anyway he is young and has a couple of SEA Games more.

    I think that middle distance runners should utilize Baguio high altitude conditions.

    Kay Santos should expand her events to include perhaps 100m hurdles and maybe heptathlon wc could be of help in her long jumping and her future competition against the indonesian girl. I am just surprised that asia’s best women’s LJ this year from Uzbekistan w an asia’s best of 6.72m is actually a heptathlete. Anyway many long jumpers are also part time sprinters (wc already Santos is) or hurdlers.

    It is just so sad that old athletes or those who are performing less than par have to retire or be replaced. I just wish the gov’t has a program for those who have made our country proud once.

    Congrats also to Patrick Unso for setting a new 110m hurdles record. Is it already official?

    Pinoymiler, thanks for the SEA Games uodates and commentaries.

    Also I think inspite of GTK falling short of his forecast of 6 golds, his team did well. There are so many unexpected things in this SEA Games, I was in fact hoping that my nightmare that we will win only 2 golds won’t happen but it did. I hope next time I dream of 10+ golds. 🙂

    • @Track Fan: ur welcome. We have so many talented young athletes, waiting to be tapped. but the old “padrino” system is turning off a lot of talents. I think it is time to forget about the government program on sports. THe system should be changed to club system – ala PBA. Companies or clubs pay monthly allowance/salaries to athletes. The Coountry will just hold a National trials who will go to tournaments. Japan, Australia & NZ, and most of the western europe are doing this. This will develop the grass roots plus it will eliminate the MAFIA in the NSAs.

    • pirieandrew says:

      Track Fan, i think we definitley should mind that we only won 2 gold medals. Which ever way you look at it its not a good outcome. It is the lowest number of medals the athletic team has ever won at sea games since the game started in 1977. Yes there are future stars we have a massive talent pool to choose from i dont doubt that. The current system we have in place continues to “Butcher the talent pool”. 2 gold medals is strong evidence that the system we have in place has failed and some very radical changes need to be made to ensure we are on track for 2011 and 2013 again otherwise athletics in the Philippines will continue to decline into obscurity.

      I agree with you that Kat Santos would make a very good Heptathlete and have discussed that with her however she is very reluctant to dabble in the throwing events.

      You can hardly blame the PSC as the majority of athletic nations do not rely on government funding and make an effort to seek their own private sponsorship.

      Patrick Unso 110m Hurdles is pending ratification as we dont know what the wind reading was. I asked Jad and according to him it might be no wind reading recorded which would not make the record legitimate.

      In regards to what you said Pinoymiler you are spot on. I will be posting a very critical and somewhat harsh analysis of why they only won 2 golds and what they need to do moving forward. The introduction of a club system would definitley improve the sport.

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