RP Toplists as of 0913

Thanks to Andrew Pirie, this blog is coming up with the country’s 2011 Athletics Top lists as of September 13, 2011.
Three Fil-Ams made the list, they were James Mcswain (100m), Princess Joy Griffey (100m & 200m) and Sarah Vitug (800m & 1500m).  It’s not certain though if McSwain and Vitug are holders of Philippine passport.
Several college players made the list, an evidence that less and less athletes hung up their spikes after college.  The college players are as follows: Archand Bagsit (Letran), Mervin Guarte (San Sebastian), Patrick Unso (DLSU), Andrew Wilson (DLSU), Jesson Ramil Cid (FEU), Keizel Pedrina (UST), Dalyn Carmen (FEU), Josie Malacad and Marie Angelica Sibayan (ADMU).
Of the leaders, only 12 made the 2011 SEA standards, which is the 2009 bronze mark.  They are: Rene  Herrera (3,000m SC and 5,000m), Junrey Bano (400m H),  Sunang (shots), Ferrera (Hammer), Fresnido (JT), Griffey (100m), Vitug (800m & 1500m), Atilano (100m H), Marestella Torres (LJ), Buenaventura (PV), Villarito (JT), Atienza (Hepta)
Below is the Philippine Athletics 2011 Season Leaders as of September 13, 2011.

100m – James McSwain (84) 10.87 +0.6 m/s 8h3 Willie Williams, Arizona 19/2/2011
200m – Archand Christian Bagsit (90) 21.82 5f Thai Open, Rangsit, Thailand 25/4/2011
400m – Archand Christian Bagsit  48.42 1h1 Phi Nat Games, Bacolod, Philippines 23/5/2011
800m – Mervin Guarte (92) 1m52.15 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod, Philippines 24/5/2011
1500m – Mervin Guarte (92) 3m57.83 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod, Philippines 26/5/2011
5000m – Rene Herrera (78) 14m51.40 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod, Philippines 26/5/2011
10,000m  – Eduardo Buenavista (78) 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod, Philippines 24/5/2011
3,000m steeplechase – Rene Herrera 9:06.02 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod, Philippines 26/5/2011
110m hurdles – Robin Darwin Tuliao (88) 14.98  7f Thai Open, Rangsit, Thailand 22/4/2011
* (Junior Height) Patrick Unso (92) 14.3  -0.1 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod, Philippines 23/5/2011
400m hurldes – Junrey Bano (84) 52.26 1f Taipei Inter City, Taipei
* Junrey Bano 51.86 1f Hong Kong Invitational, Hong Kong (later disqualified after finishing the race for not reporting to check in on time before the race)
PV – Emerson Obiena (64) 4.40m 1f Taipei Invitational, Taipei 24/3/2011
Jerome Margallo (82)  4.40m  3f Singapore Open, Singapore
HJ – Andrew Wilson (90) 2.03m  1f UAAP, Pasig 29/1/2011
LJ – Henry Claridad Dagmil (81) 7.58m -0.7  1f Vietnam Open, Hanoi
TJ – Benigno Marayag (86) 14.98m 7f Singapore Open, Singapore
SP – Eleazer Sunang (85) 16.56m 1f Singapore Open, Singapore *National Record
DT – Arneil Ferrera (81) 43.23m 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod
HT – Arneil Ferera 59.25m 9f Asian Champs, Kobe, Japan
JT – Danilo Fresnido (72) 67.20m 13f Asian Champs, Kobe, Japan
Marathon -2:27:34, Eric Panique, 17f, Hongkong ,
Decathlon -6287pts, Jesson Ramil Cid, 1f PNG, Bacolod
100m – Princess Joy Griffey (87) 11.4ht Seattle, Washington (holds a phi passport)
200m – Princess Joy Griffey (87) 25.24 -0.2 1f  Phi Nat Games, Bacolod 25/5/2011
* Princess Joy Griffey (87) 24.5ht Seattle, Washington 23/4/2011
400m – Keizel Leano Pedrina (90) 57.3ht 1f UAAP, Pasig
800m – Sarah Vitug (90) 2.12.25 Los Angeles, USA 15/3/2011
1500m – Sarah Vitug 4.34.29 5f Caly Poly Invite, Los Angeles, USA
3000m – Dalyn Carmen (91) 11.43.8 1f UAAP, Pasig 29/1/2011
5000m – Jhoann Banayag (82) 17.49.48 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod 26/5/2011
10,000m – Jhoann Banayag 37.44.3 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod 23/5/2011
100m H – Sheena Atilano (79) 14.15 -0.9 4f Singapore Open, Singapore
400m H – Josie Malacad (92) 1.02.69 2f Thai Open, Rangist, Thailand 24/4/2011
HJ – Narcisca Atienza (78) 1.79m deca 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod 25/5/2011
LJ – Marestella Torres (81) 6.38m 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod
TJ – Marestella Torres 12.55m 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod
PV – Riezel Buenaventura (86) 3.81m 1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod
DT – Marie Angelica Sibayan 36.47m 1f UAAP, Pasig
*(junior weight) Maika De Oro (94) 40.25m 1f Palarong Pamabansa, Dapitan
JT – Rosie Villarito (79) 50.30m  1f Phi Nat Games, Bacolod
HT  – Loralie Amahit-Sermona (81) 47.54m 1f Weekly Relays, Pasig  20/8/2011
SP – Narcisca Atienza 12.78m 1hepta Phi Nat Games, Bacolod 25/5/2011
Marathon – Jhoa Ann Banayag, 2:53:37, Manila
Heptathlon – Narcisa Ateinza, 5249 pts, PNG, Bacolod
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3 Responses to RP Toplists as of 0913

  1. Armando Alorro says:

    Hi, I came across your blog and I was wondering if my son qualifies for this list. He is a dual citizen Fil-Am and pole vaults for College of New Jersey. He holds his school record which he broke this year with a jump of 4.80m. He currently holds a Philippine passport.

    His credentials are here:


    Thank you.

  2. pirieandrew says:

    Thanks BearsGrin. Appreciate your support. Pinoymiler is all about just some easy reading combinded with some good hard facts on the state of Philippine Track and Field. 🙂

  3. BearsGrin says:

    Kudos to Andrew Pirei and Moriel Carreon for archiving the latest records of Philippine track and field. It can be said to be unusual to find a few good people dedicated enough to track performance records of our athletes.

    The latest updates of performance records can be found here and it has proven useful for those making top level decisions for Philippine track and field.

    Statistics like these not only keep the athletes aware of their competencies but also keep coaches on their toes to make sure they work hard and effectively.

    I hope the both of you keep your passion for the sport alive as long as possible.

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