South East Asian Toplist (091611)

Malaysian blogger Jad Adrian Washif came out with the latest South East Asian Toplist (as of September 4).

There are 13 events which Pinoys are placed inside the Top 3.

Herrera: 1st in the 3,000m steeple and 4th in the 5,000, SEA Rankings as of Sep 4, 2011

Below are the events with Pinoys in the Top 3:

1. Men’s marathon: 2nd: 2:27:34, Eric Panique, Hongkong, 2/20/11

: 3rd: 2:28:16, Elmer Sabal, Hongkong, 2/20/11

2. Men’s 3000m steeple: 1st: 9:06.02, Rene Herrera, Bacolod, 5/23/11

: 2nd: 9:13.49, Hernanie Sore, Singapore, 8/20/11

3. Men’s 400m hurdles: 2nd: Junrey Bano, Taipei, 8/28/11

4. Men’s Long Jump: 2nd: 7.58m, Henry Dagmil, Ho Chi Minh, 8/3/11

5. Men’s Shotput: 2nd: 16.56m, Eliezer Sunang, Ho Chi Minh, 8/2/11

6. Men’s Hammer Throw: 2nd: 59.25m, Arniel Ferrera, Kobe, 7/9/11

7. Men’s Javelin Throw: 2nd: 67.20m, Danilo Fresnido, Kobe, 7/10/11

8. Decathlon: 2nd: 6287 pts, Jesson Ramil Cid, Bacolod, 5/24/11

9. Women’s Marathon: 2nd: 2:53:37, Jho-Ann Banayag, Manila, 7/31/11

10. Women’s PoleVault: 3rd: 3.81m, Riezel Buenaventura, Bacolod, 5/23/11

11. Women’s Long Jump: 1st: 6.38m, Marestella Torres, Bacolod, 5/24/11

12. Women’s Javelin Throw: 2nd: 50.30m, Rosie Villarito, Bacolod, 5/25/11

13. Hepthathlon: 2nd: 5,249 pts, Narcisa Atienza, Bacolod, 5/26/11

Torres: 1st in the Long Jump and 8th in the Triple Jump in the SEA Rankings as of Sep 4, 2011

Below are the events with Pinoys from 4th to 10th in the list:
1. Men’s 400m:  8th: 48.42s, Archand Christian Bagsit, Bacolod ,5/23/11 and Taipei 8/27/11;

2. Men’s 800m: 5th: 1:52.0, Mervin Guarte, Manila, 2/28/11

: 8th: 1:53.2, Edgardo Alejan, Manila, 2/28/11

3. Men’s 1500m: 7th: 3:57.83, Mervin Guarte, Bacolod, 5/25/11

4. Men’s 5,000m: 4th: 14:51.40, Rene Herrera, Bacolod, 5/26/11

: 5th: 14:52.40, Julius Sermona, Taipei, 8/28/11

: 8th: 15:10.00, Hernani Sore, Singapore, 8/21/11

5. Women’s 5,000m: 6th: 17:49.88, Jho-Ann Banayag, Bacolod, 5/26/11

6. Women’s 10,000m: 6th: 37:44.30, Jho-Ann Banayag, Bacolod, 5/23/11

7. Women’s 400m hurdles: 7th: 1:02.67, Josie Malacad, Bangkok, 4/23/11

8. Women’s High Jump: 5th: 1.79m, Narcisa Atienza, Bacolod, 5/25/11

9. Women’s Triple Jump: 8th: 12.55m, Marestella Torres, Bacolod, 5/24/11

Using this Toplist as basis, the Philippines’ chance at the SEA Games is to bring in 2 golds, 11 silvers and 2 bronzes.

Here is the complete report of Jad Adrian (revised as of 0916): SEA Rankings as at IAAF WCh

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