RP All Time List for 5,000m

Herrera (R), barged into RP's 5,000m Top 10 All Time List with a 14:51.4 mark at the PNG last May at Bacolod City

Something special happened in last month’s PNG at Bacolod City.  Not everyone is aware that Rene Herrera’s performance in the 5,000m merited him a spot in RP’s All Time list.  Its not everyday that we witness a sub 15mins mark in the 5k, so its just fitting that we honor this special performance.  Below is the All Time List:

Mark             Athlete                                     Venue                                     Date

1) 13.58.43        Eduardo Buenavista        Busan, Korea                       10/10/2002
2) 14.00.26        Hector Begeo                    Melbourne, Australia        23/11/1995

3) 14.19.20        Julius Sermona                  Korat, Thailand                   07/12/07
4) 14.43.5        Nelson Encabo                     Cebu City                                 14/12/1997
4) 14.43.5        Seguindo Cardenes            Cebu City                                 14/12/1997
5) 14.44.81        Mario Castro                       Manila                                     02/06/84
6) 14.45.89        Leonardo Illut                   Manila                                     29/8/1982
7) 14.48.09        David Carmelo                  Manila                                     13/12/1981
8) 14.49.92        Arturo Alimbuyao           Manila                                     19/6/1982
9) 14.51.40        Rene Herrera                     Bacolod                                  26/5/2011
10) 14:51.8        Daud Mama                         Manila                                    19/05/2001

It’s interesting to note that four entries, numbers 5 to 8, are recorded during the 1980’s and are almost 30 years old.  It is both a testimony of the talent in said era (maybe because of the result of the first running boom in the country), and how the country’s athletics program has stagnated over the decades, due to corruption and politics.

Special thanks to Andrew Pirie for providing the  data

Photocredits: PATAFA Multiply

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10 Responses to RP All Time List for 5,000m


  2. frank says:

    The top 3 times (Buenavista, Begeo & Sermona) were all run outside the RP. They are significantly faster than the next 7 times. I’m guessing faster competition helped to produce faster times. Not often that we send 5k runners to compete in international events, expect for AG or ASEAN games, where races tend to be tactical and slower times.
    Curios, how did Buenavista, Begeo and Sermona finish in those races. Did they win?

    • @frank: good observation. There’s not much competition here in the country. RP mainstays in the distance events tend to do just enough to win the medals. But we cannot blame them as the reward for a national record is not that much. I can remember John Loza saying that he only received P40k for his 800m record, and that came from the personal pocket of GTK. The rewards are higher of course if the record is done during an international competition specially during SEA and Asian Games. Buenavista did not medal during the Busan Asian Games, Sermona won the silver for his accomplishment. I am not sure for Begeo’s 14:00m , I’ll message him thru Facebook and will get back to you on this.

  3. resty says:

    Your comment…”numbers 5 to 8″….that was during the time of Gintong Alay if I’m not mistaken.

  4. hurdler49 says:

    I saw that race. Pero hindi ko napansin na Top 15. I don’t know my distance running! Thank you for this Miler. Glad to see you blogging again.

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