Thai National Open Philippines sends a team of 13

Fil-Australian Sprinter and Miler blog co-author better known as 'Pirie Enzo' will be in action in the sprints next weekend in Thailand.

A Team of 13 will represent the Philippines at the Thai National Open
which serves as a dress rehearsal for the SEA Games and features some of the top athletes from SEA and other invited asian nations. The competition runs from April 22-25 at Thaamasat University, Rangsit Province Thailand. The team of 13 includes defending SEA Games Gold Medalists Rosie Villarito and olympian Marestella Torres. Also 2 time gold medalist at sea games and olympian and national record holder Henry Dagmil. Also training pool recruits and upcoming youngster Mau Schrivjers who needs a time of 12.3ht/12.5et to qualify for the world youths in July. The team is also joined by Australian based sprinter Andrew Pirie and Alfie Villadar who is based in Thailand. And accompanied by coaches Jofree Chua and Roselyn Hamero.

Pirie, Andrew (100m/200m)
Bagsit, Archand (200m/400m)
Villadar, Mark Alfie (400m)
Tuliao, Robin Darwin (100 Hurdles)
Sermona, Julius (5k/10k)
Dagmil, Henry (Long Jump)

Schrivjers, Maureen Emily (100m/200m Juniors)
Loquinto, Hanelyn (100m/200m)
Pedrina, Keizel (400m/400m Hurdles)
Dela Virgo, Zara (100 Hurdles)
Malacad, Josie (400m Hurdles)
Torres, Marestella (Long Jump)
Villarito, Rosie (Javelin)


Chua, Jofree
Hamero, Roselyn

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17 Responses to Thai National Open Philippines sends a team of 13

  1. Track fan says:

    I think Rosales will be in the sport with that scholarship in UE mentioned in the newspaper and with Elma as her coach. This is the time to dangle college scholarship to these talented kids! If I am correct she is the girl I saw in the video archive PP2010 3rd placer who started poorly in the first 30m; notice how she jumped in the finish line to take over the eventual 4th placer and salvaged the bronze. I am impressed.

    • pirieandrew says:

      Its too early to say Track Fan. Ive been in this sport a long time and ive seen talent like this come and go on a regular basis. Lets say if she survives the UAAP years then what about after College?

      Im hoping i can see her run at the National Games in a few weeks.

  2. Track fan says:

    My guess is she will run a 25.1secs in 200m. I hope she will try for a sub 25secs!

    • pirieandrew says:

      My guess is 25.5 or 25.6, which is in line with her 200m performance and comparable to the performances of Keizel Pedrina at the UAAP. In order to run a sub 25, she would need to be running either sub 12 in the 100 or sub 56.5.

  3. Track fan says:

    Her 200m clocking is worth waiting then. Let’s see tomw. I may be wishing too much but I wish for a sub 25 secs! Good Luck! Training under Elma will put the girl under proper guidance. I wonder who is coaching her now? Do you know Pirie?

  4. Track fan says:

    Pirie: Fast young 16 yo sprinter Jenny Rose Rosales ran 12.38secs in 100meters in Palarong Pambansa accdg to Palaro website…In internet reports she did 12.02secs wc maybe reporting error; Could PP 2011 serve as a qualifier for this young lass to participate in World Youth Olympics in France this June? You mentioned the qualifying time is 12.3hand clock or 12.5 electronic. This will be a good motivator for this young athlete. Maybe she shud be asked to run again in May athletics open for a final try out. Since in last palaro she also did an ok 200m time and a sub 1min 400m. I reckon she might give a good 200m clocking this time. Wish her well.

    • pirieandrew says:

      Yes i saw the results of that, might i add that was a remarkably fast final prob the fastest run for the best of part of a decade (although nowhere near the calibre of the days of yester yore de vega era). 12.4 hand timed (12.38) is the official time, 12.02 is a typo. PP will not serve as the qualifier for the wyc. She would need to contact patafa to put in an application. The qualification is 12.3 hand timed or 12.5 et as you stated, so she would need to run that at the National Games. If she would like to enter she better hurry up because entries close on May 18. Im all for young sprinters giving it there all, its keeping them in the sport which is the difficult part.

    • pirieandrew says:

      no worries 57.4 new palaro record. she has made the standard for the world youth 400m.

  5. resty says:

    Any results from this?

  6. mikey says:

    can you post the results of this tournament? or at least just the performances of our athletes

  7. Cecil says:

    Pls post videos! Thx!

  8. jen says:

    maybe you meant april 22-25? Good luck and keep us posted.

  9. P3ACE says:

    Thumbs up!

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