Plans and Updates


Pinoymiler (in black) during the Feb 6, 2011 Condura Run (photo courtesy of Philippine Star 3/20/11)

Its been a month since my last post (Asian Top List published in Feb 17).  I apologize for that because I was really tied up with my work commitments.

I joined a European  Company that just recently entered the Philippines for business.  Apart from being a Tax Consultant, I am now a Regional Sales and Operations Manager of Stanhome World, a Direct Selling Company that specializes on home care and family care.  Juggling work and business really ate up much of my time.

I would like to thank Andrew for doing much of the bogging the past couple of weeks.

However, I’m back in blogging and have quite a few surprises for the blog’s supporters and readers:

1. In one month’s time, a new website will be up. Tentative address will be  It will be somewhat similar to

2. It will feature easy to access tab guides, including a forum tab where anybody can comment and give his thoughts in a particular topic thrown by the authors ;


3. It will feature a video archive which will be coming from our facebook group account, so if you want a video to be archived (connected to RP athletics of course), please do post them in the aforementioned account;
4. Andrew will still be there to be a co-admnistrator, plus I will ask a couple of individuals to be a contributor;
5. Once the website is up, this blog, “the” will become personal journal.  The blog will of course become more personal and opinionated in nature.  Though we will still try to be factual and objective.

Again, thank you very much for your continued support.  More power to RP Athletics!

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9 Responses to Plans and Updates

  1. Track Fan says:

    For me there are basically two type of long jumpers- (a) the boom type jumpers who perform well by pounding the last steps before the take off w a jump characterized by height and (b)long jumpers who are basically sprinters who rely on speed and seemingly run in air characterized by less height.

    When Marestella Torres went to Germany for training I knew her jump wc is basically (a) type will be modified by german coaches who are accustomed to training jumpers with speed, Coach Sy may have noticed Marestella jumping lower after her stint in Germany. If Marestella intends to perform well in Daegu I suggest that for her to get back to jumping in her usual a style. The tracks in 2010 asia games and daegu are well suited to this jumping style (a). I think when it is cold and damp the track contracts preventing the (b) jumpers to perform well and giving (a) jumpers the edge.

  2. Track Fan says:

    In 1982 Chi Cheng was so impressed with Lydia de Vega’s sprints that she declared she finally found her successor in the world arena. Then Lydia went to the movies(1982) and hardly improved the next year. Lydia of course went on to win in AAAA Kuwait (1983)100 and 200m with deplorable times- 11.82 and 24.07s, which to Chi Cheng are not good enough considering lydia as 16yo did 23.54 two years back. Chi Cheng went on to comment about Lydia’s training program which really upset the elder de Vega. Chi Cheng said that to improve her times it is not enough to train only with bursts of speed of 60 to 80 m as preparation for 100m but one should commit to train harder in 150m to improve her 100m time. This comment were not well received til Usha and the rest of asian sprinters begin improving in succeeding years. So we all know that 1985 was a wake up call for Lydia de Vega when she finished with a measly bronze in 100m dash AAAA. A medal not for her stature as Asia’s fastest woman.

    • Track fan says:

      Oops I posted this under a wrong article. This is the cont. of chi cheng’s story I reposted on you wall.

    • thanks Track Fan. IAAF published this new ruling over a month ago. This is good for the women in athletics as it defines scientific explanation to women with high male hormones without aid of drugs.

  3. hurdler49 says:

    Good luck with that! And congrats on the new position!

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