JRU Breaks 75 year drought to win the NCAA Track and Field Crown

Track and Field TournamentSan Beda College Athletics TeamJRU wins first athletics crown
The Heavy Bombers emerged with their first after reigning supreme track and field–their first since topping the centerpiece, medal-rich event in more than half a century. The Kalentong-based school last won the athletics crown in 1936.

*PATAFA Multiply has not yet released the results.

Team Standings

Seniors Division
Teams Rank Points

JRU 1st 608.5
CSJL 2nd 567.0
SSC-R 3rd 476.5
MIT 4th 435.75
UPHSD 5th 319.0
CSB 6th 309.75
SBC 7th 143.0
AU 8th 21.5

Juniors Division
Teams Rank Points

SSC-R 1st 699.5
EAC 2nd 692.0
CSB 3rd 580.0
AU 4th 271.5
UPHSD 5th 233.5
CSJL 6th 156.5
SBC 7th 76.0
MIT 8th 29.5

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