Corrected UAAP Records.

UAAP Records ammended

I have highlighted in grey the best performance i could find in my records which is UAAP Records original, 2001,2008-2011 UAAP. As i am lacking data for other years these records should be considered incomplete.

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8 Responses to Corrected UAAP Records.

  1. Jeff says:

    The discus throw record for men is missing. I have not followed UAAP results since I graduated in 1987 so this may no longer be true today but back then it was Romeo Sotto who held the record of 42.69 metres. He represented Manila Central University who were in the UAAP only between 1952 and 1954 so this gives you an idea of how old the record is/was.

    Now I can’t remember where or when this happened. I was training with a rubber discus at the Rizal Memorial Stadium and there was this rather senior guy in pastel shirt and shorts who approached me and threw the discus with me. He had great technique even with standing throws. He occasionally shouted instructions to DLSU athletes practicing on the track and later asked me if I knew him. The blank look on my face led him to answer his own question: Romeo Sotto.

    Nice blog btw

  2. anonymous says:

    It’s by the same person done the year after the 1.90m– Feb. 93, I believe. I think Jon Aguilar’s pole vault record date isn’t quite right either. thanks again for putting this up and for your commitment to Philippine Track and Field.

    • @anonymous: Thanks! Andrew and I will look into this. Meantime, lets keep the torch burning for the Rp athletics!

    • ANDREW says:

      I will have to leave any further auditing of these lists on hold for now as im really busy with balancing work and training right now, and am planning to run in Thailand in 2 weeks at the Nationals. I have not been really able to update the site much, the other thing i need to do an audit on is Filipino-Foreign athletes in the ranking lists who are known and unknown to have held filipino passports at the date of particular performances

  3. anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting this up. I think it’s the only one on-line. Even the UAAP doesn’t have it.

    If I may suggest an additional amendment, the juniors HS record is actually 2.00m and not 1.90m.

    Keep up the great work!

    • pirieandrew says:

      If you could kindly provide me with the name of the athlete (school aswell is better), year set (date set is better), i will have to verify it with the data available to me before i can ratify it.

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