Milo Marathon

The Milo Marathon Finals, regarded as the country’s National Marathon Championships will fire off its 34th edition today, 12/12.  After six months of holding 17 Regional Finals, 425 full marathoners qualified for today’s finals.

Runners that are expected to make a dent in the event are: Eduardo Buenavista, Cresensio Sabal, Allan Ballester and three Kenyan runners : Abraham Missos, William Kipyego, Philip Ronoh who are all part of the Kenyan Team that’s campaigning whole year round in the local running circuit.  On the distaff side, Jho Ann Banayag is expected to slug it out with one female Kenyan Irene Kipchumba.

Fearless forecast:

Eduardo Buenavista will win in sub 2:22.

Jho ann Banayag will win the women’s event in sub 2:55.


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2 Responses to Milo Marathon

  1. Pirieandrew says:

    Bharcena wins the womens half marathon 21k

    Battle of the old guard at the nat open!

    Banayag, Martes, Fetalvero?, Bharcena nat open 10K with Maquilan and Maga-aso.

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