Another sad tale

Last November 2-4, the Philippines was supposed to send a crack 6 man-team to the SEA Athletics Juniors Championships at  Bangkok.  The meet was originally slated last June at KL Malaysia, but was re-scheduled and moved to Bangkok.  Former PSC Chairman Harry Angping was the one who approved the country’s participation less than a month before his term ended last June 30.

But a sad twist of fate happened.  The 6 heavily prepared young athletes were not able to fly to Bangkok because their trip  was not approved by the incumbent PSC Board members.

According to a reliable source, the PSC chairmen instituted a new ruling as far as foreign trips is concerned: A POC endorsement is needed first before they decide on each request.  It took PATAFA almost a month to convince PSC to include the SEA Juniors trip in their weekly meetings.  But when it was finally tackled, it metted a thumbs down verdict from the PSC gods despite the explanation and pleadings of PATAFA.  Apparently, they can’t see the importance of RP’s participation because it is not Asian Games-related.

This is a major setback not just for the 6 young athletes who have trained hard for this tourney, it’s a setback to Philippine Athletics as well.  Setback for the young kids because two weeks before the tourney, Serenata Saluan actually unofficialy broke the RP Womens seniors record for the 800m by clocking 2:06.9 during a solo time trial at Marikina oval.  Mervin Guarte has won a couple of local 5k road races during his preparation and has already peaked for his events.

Setback for Philippine Athletics because until now, our sports leaders are still short-sighted and lack the vision of how to run an institution in dire need of change.

Our track and field national players are not getting any younger, and until now, there’s nobody in the horizon who can replace Henry Dagmil, Marestella Torresm Sheena Atilano and Arniel Ferrera to name a few.  The SEA Juniors could’ve been the meet that would’ve cemented a Developmental Pool slots for at least 3 young athletes.  Now, we have to wait for a little longer to realize this.

5 months ago, with the ushering of a new government administration that promises change, I thought there will be a drastic improvement in Philippine sports.  Maybe I expected too much from the government.

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5 Responses to Another sad tale

  1. lawrence says:

    i just bumped in with mervin guarte at the oval last week. he looks really prepared already and peaked for the games, i can see he’s all ready for the competitions. we talked a bit and told me how excited he was about playing. this is very unfortunate, i can just see how big a potential he is. along with saluan, they could really be a big help for the development of the sport.

    how sad…

  2. andrew says:

    Too much bloody red tape that needs to be cut and recut all the time. No wonder they are lagging behind the rest of the world in sports.

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