It’s final! Semenya a woman!

Caster Semenya right after winning the 800m gold at the 2009 World Championships

After close to a year of  “forced” exile, Caster Semenya of South Africa can now compete again in  International Meets, as a woman.

Semenya was cleared by the world track and field authority, The International  Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) the other day, though the medical details remain confidential.

Semenya, the 2009 800m World Champion last competed in the World Championships last August 2009 at Berlin.

Don’t expect her to be as sharp as last year when she joins the Diamond League or other International Meets this month.  But by the next outdoor season in May, expect her fury and revenge at the track!

Caster annihilated the field in the 2009 Worlds by winning the 800m in 1:55.45, and a gap of 2.45 seconds over the second placer. Prompting speculations that she is a man.

Below is the link to the write up:


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5 Responses to It’s final! Semenya a woman!

  1. pirieandrew says:

    Yeah but even still she ran 2m16 at the nat open which is her slowest time. And even with that would have made the podium at the Asian Juniors!. Who was the last athlete from the Philippines to do that? the best result at asian juniors prior to this year was July Rose Forbes getting 5th in the 400 hurdles about 8 years ago and Waldy Soguilon making the finals of the mens 100m in 2001, but more recently Guarte finished 4th right.

  2. pirieandrew says:

    Surely if Semenya is a woman than definitley Saluan is aswell. PATAFA should be sending her as she has made the 2m09 qualification standard for the world junior champions in Moncton Canada next month, She should also have been sent to Asian Juniors, if she ran 2m09 at Asian Juniors Miler where would she have placed?

    • She could’ve won it if she ran another 2.09s coz the first placer, Gulustan Mahmood Ieso of Iraq ran a 2:14.4. Second place was Zhang Xiaojun of China with 2:16.0. But I suspect that the race was highly tactical. i.e. a slow 400m, then an all out sprint from 150m to the finish. Anything can happen with that kinda race.

  3. pirieandrew says:

    She is more of a woman than Maria Mutola.

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