My first running season after a 14 year hiatus came to an abrupt end last May 26 due to a torn soft tissue in my left foot’s middle toe.  This maybe due to a worn out rubber shoes which I bought 9 months back – an Asics Duomax.  I thought I could extend its life for 3 more months even though I logged 1,000 kms already, guess I have to pay for being a little spend thrift for my feet.

My Season 1 was supposed to end on June 13, as I plan to run in an Independence Day Fun Run, but it came 3 weeks in advance.

I’m 5 weeks into my off-season, 1 more week before I officially begin my Season 2 – with a new pair of shoes of course.

But now let’s  discuss the reasons for having an off-season.

1. Well deserved break – our body, just like any machines and gadgets needs to recharge too.  All professional sports have their own respective off-season, not just because of airtime issues, but because their athletes need to rest to avoid burn outs.

2. Opportunity to improve – The best thing about off-season is that you can focus and work on your weaknesses as an athlete so you can emerge as a better, rejuvenated one the following season.  Be it a swinging arms defect, hurdling technique, throwing form issue, the off-season is the best time to correct all of these. Take advantage of the technology nowadays, video-record yourself while doing your thing and discuss that with a professional or a coach.

Off season is the best time also to plunge in the plyometrics and weight training to develop your body’s need.

You don’t have to completely stop your work outs during the off-season.  You can bring it down to 30-50% from your last season as you wouldn’t want to waste your earlier efforts.

So plan your off-season ahead and emerge a better athlete the following season!

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2 Responses to Offseason

  1. MIichael E says:

    Hi i was wondering if you could give me some info about road races in the phillipines and dates for these? also any tune up meets that would be on before the national open for track and field? i am a top NZ junior runner and my mum is from phillipines and i am looking at competing in the 800 and 1500 in the 2011 open invitational national meet. I was looking at coming over for a few weeks prior to train and get used to heat and perhaps run a few races if any were on prior, thanks.

    • Hi Michael, saw a youtube video of you winning an 800m race. You definitely have the potential. You could check out the Philippine roadraces at and go to their list of races tab. from there, you can email me and ask some advise on the terrain, and other best options for you. My email is

      E-mail me in advance of your planned stay so I could make adjustments with my sched as well. Goodluck!

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