The UST Quadricentennial Relay

My alma mater, UST will celebrate its 400th year of existence next year, 2011.  And one of the planned activities, as part of the build up to 2011, is the holding of the Quadricentennial Team Relays.

It’s tentatively slated on July 24, 2011 at the UST Campus Grounds.  And as all relay events, each team will compose of 4 runners, each will run 1 mile (or 1,611 meters – to commemorate the year UST was established).

There will be 2 categories: mens and womens open.

I will surely cover this event and see the team of Mervin Guarte (SSC), the country’s premier junior miler, go head to head with other teams from UAAP, SCUAA and other club teams.

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2 Responses to The UST Quadricentennial Relay

  1. pirieandrew says:

    Miler what type of surfaces is this run on Grass, Concrete, Dirt or a combo of the like??? is this a cross country race or do they utlize the old dirt track at UST?

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