Faster road races this summer

Fireworks at the start of the Condura Run last Feb 7, 2010

University and College players dominated the 3k and 5k road races during the first three months of 2010.  This is because middle and long distance players include in their training, road races to stimulate their VO2max and/or build up their endurance in preparation for their respective athletic association meets.  State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) was held last January, University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and Commission on Higher Education Department (CHED) Games last February, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) last March.

Moreover, the elite university players will also compete in the upcoming National Open Athletics Championships on May 21-23 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

In addition to the college varsities,  national athletes that belong to the training pools A & B will also hone and sharpen their running skills during the months of April and May.  This will definitely result to faster winning times from the 3k to the half marathon events over the months of April and May.

Below are the college players who have top 3 finishes in the road races for the first 3 months of 2010:

Maulas of UE (no. 0079) right after winning the CHED Games 1,500m finals

1. Art Thomas Fronda (UE): PSE Bull run 3k 1st place, Unilab 10k 3rd place

2. Christopher Ulboc (FEU): PSE Bull run 5k 2nd place

3. Justin Tabunda (San Sebastian): BDO 3k 1st place, Condura 5k 2nd place, Greenmiles 5k 3rd place, Unilab 5k 2nd place

4. Roger Denolo (UST): BDO 3k 2nd place, Century Tuna 3k 1st place, Greenmiles 3k 1st place,

5. Wenlie Maulas (UE): Takbojuan 3k 1st place

6. Michael Bacong (San Sebastian): Condura 3k 1st place, Greenmiles 3k 3rd place, Unilab 3k 1st place

7. Mervin Guarte (San Sebastian): Condura 5k 1st place, Greenmiles 5k 1st place, Unilab 5k 1st place

8. Ferdninand Corpuz (San Sebastian): Greenmiles 3k 2nd place

9. Serenata Saluan (UST): Century Tuna 5k 1st place, Greenmiles 5k 1st place

Below are the national athletes whom we might see more often this summer:

Rene Herrera after winning the 2009 SEA Games 3,000m steeplechase title

1. Rene Herrera (steeplechase) – usually competes in the 10k to 21k

2. Eduardo Buenavista (marathon) – 10k to 21k

3. Nelbert Ducusin (1,500m) – might join 3k to 5k races

4. Midel Dique (800m) – might join 3k to 5k races

5. Julius Sermona (5,000m) – might join 3k to 10k

6. Mercedita Manipol Fetalvero (5,000) – might join 3k to 10k

7. Jho-an Banayag (marathon) – 10k to 21k

8. Cristabel Martes(marathon) – 10k to 21k

With these, expect winning times to be in the sub 9 minutes for the 3k, sub 15 5k, sub 31 10k, sub 53 for the 15k, sub 1:10 20k and sub 1:14 21k for the next two months.

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