CHED Games – Track & Field Results

Here’s the final results of the 2010 CHED Games:

Team Standings CHED National Games

Day 1 CHED National Games

Day 2 CHED National Games

Day 3 CHED National Games

Day 4 CHED National Games

Note: All are hand timed (HT)

Below are some pictures taken during the Games:

800m men: first lap

800m men: Salvador Garin of NCR easily wins the 800m with a time of 1:56.5

800m women: At the bell, Saluan is already 50m ahead of her nearest rival

800m women: Serenata Saluan (NCR) breaks her own 800m junior record with a time of 2:09.9 HT

Bronze: Allien Salas (Reg VI) 2:23.5

1500m mens: first lap

1500m men: start of the final lap

NCR (Gold) and Region IVa (Bronze) 4x400m womens' teams at the podium

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1 Response to CHED Games – Track & Field Results

  1. Richard Casanos says:

    I miss this game a lot!!!

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