Pinoy Asian Games Medalists

I would like to repost this article from my 2010 archives, as this is still accurate considering that the Philippine athletics failed to medal in the 2010 Asian Games.  This article will help set the tone of my future articles on the medal prospects of the athletics team this 2014 Asian Games.

Since the start of the Asian Games, a total of 49 medals were already hauled by the Philippine Athletics Team.

As of the last Games in 2006, the medal tally of Philippine Athletics is 11-10-28 (gold-silver-bronze).  15 were for field events (including 2 pentathlon medals), and 34 were for the track events including the 12 for the relay events.

The Top 3 most bemedalled Pinoy tracksters in Asian Games history are the following:

1. Pentathlete & High Jumper Lolita Lagrosas: she won 5 individual medals between 1958 and 1970;

2. Mona Sulaiman won 3 individual medals and 1 relay medal in 1962; and

3. Lydia de Vega-Mercado with 3 individual medals between 1982 and 1986 editions of the Asian Games.

The 5 most productive events are:

1. Men’s 4x100m relay – 5 medals

2. Women’s 100m – 4 medals

3. Women’s 200m – 4 medals

4. Women’s 4x100m – 4 medals

5. Men’s 4x400m – 4 medals

So far, the 1958 edition (Tokyo) of the quadrennial meet is the most successful for the Philippines with a 3-4-4  medal tally.

Here’s the complete list of Filipino Asian Games medalist in Athletics since the inception of the quadrennial meet in 1951:

Muros-Posadas: The last Filipino trackster to medal in the Asian Games

Year    Venue     Athlete     Event   Medal

Count Year Venue Athlete Event Medal
1 1951 New Delhi Andres Franco High Jump Gold
2 1951 New Delhi RP Mens 4x100m Bronze
3 1951 New Delhi RP Mens 4x400m Bronze
4 1954 Manila Genaro Cabrera 100m Silver
5 1954 Manila Jaime Pimentel 400m H Bronze
6 1954 Manila Andres Franco High Jump Bronze
7 1954 Manila Aurelio Amante Discuss Throw Bronze
8 1954 Manila RP Mens 4x100m Bronze
9 1954 Manila RP Mens 4x400m Bronze
10 1954 Manila Inocencia Solis 200m Bronze
11 1954 Manila Vivencia Subido Javelin Throw Bronze
12 1954 Manila RP Womens 4x100m Bronze
13 1958 Tokyo Isaac Gomez 100m Bronze
14 1958 Tokyo Enrique bautista 200m Bronze
15 1958 Tokyo Pablo Somblingo 400m Silver
16 1958 Tokyo RP Mens 4x100m Gold
17 1958 Tokyo RP Mens 4x400m Bronze
18 1958 Tokyo Inocencia Solis 100m Gold
19 1958 Tokyo Francisca Sanopal 80m H Silver
20 1958 Tokyo Manolita Cinco 80m H Bronze
21 1958 Tokyo Lolita Lagrosas High Jump Silver
22 1958 Tokyo Visitacion Badana Long Jump Gold
23 1958 Tokyo RP Womens 4x100m Silver
24 1962 Jakarta Rogelio Onofre 100m Bronze
25 1962 Jakarta Ciriaco Baronda High Jump Bronze
26 1962 Jakarta RP Mens 4x100m Gold
27 1962 Jakarta Mona Sulaiman 100m Gold
28 1962 Jakarta Mona Sulaiman 200m Gold
29 1962 Jakarta Francisca Sanopal 80m H Silver
30 1962 Jakarta Mona Sulaiman Shotput Bronze
31 1962 Jakarta Josephine dela Vina Discuss Throw Bronze
32 1962 Jakarta RP Womens 4x100m Gold
33 1966 Bangkok RP Mens 4x100m Bronze
34 1966 Bangkok Lolita Lagrosas High Jump Silver
35 1966 Bangkok Josephine dela Vina Discuss Throw Gold
36 1966 Bangkok Marcelina Alonso Javelin Throw Bronze
37 1966 Bangkok Lolita Lagrosas Pentathlon Bronze
38 1970 Bangkok Amelita Alanes 200m Silver
39 1970 Bangkok Isabel Cruz 800m Bronze
40 1970 Bangkok Lolita Lagrosas High Jump Bronze
41 1970 Bangkok Lolita Lagrosas Pentathlon Bronze
42 1978 Bangkok RP Womens 4x100m Bronze
43 1982 New Delhi Hector Begeo 3,000m SC Bronze
44 1982 New Delhi Lydia de Vega 100m Gold
45 1986 Seoul Isidro del Prado 400m Silver
46 1986 Seoul RP Mens 4x400m Bronze
47 1986 Seoul Lydia de Vega 100m Gold
48 1986 Seoul Lydia de Vega 200m Silver
49 1994 Hiroshima Elma Muros Long Jump Bronze
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10 Responses to Pinoy Asian Games Medalists

  1. Reblogged this on Pinoymiler 2.0 and commented:

    Reposting this article:

  2. evelyn ledesma says:

    sang panig ng pilipinas po nanggaling si Mam Elma Muros? galing po ba siya ng visayas o mindanao?

  3. Tristan Cruz says:

    wonderful research..

    It struck me. why is there no datas to be found with regards to RP’s past performances in such sporting events.

    Thank you for promoting RP’s achievement in Athletics.

    • hurdler49 says:

      If you look closely at the Philippine Olympic Committee website, they have a ready list of Filipino Olympians and Olympic medalists. The POC also has lists of SEA Games and Asian medalists.

      But then again, these are just raw text. Write-ups about our past sporting champions are rare. Someone should upload clips of Lydia de Vega, Isidro del Prado, Miguel White and Simeon Toribio to youtube!

      • pirieandrew says:

        Ive got a clip of Lydia De Vega in the milo add, its got some clips of her running aswell. Usto have Isidro Del Prado Milo sports hero add aswell (had a clip of him running jr boys 400m) but that disappeared when my old hd drive crashed some years back.

  4. ciara bella says:

    Thank you so much for making the info available and promoting awareness on this page. My grandfather was Enrique Bautista and since I was watching amanda evora (filipino-american skater) on the winter olympics I decided to google my grandfathers name and see what came up. I am very proud of this list. Thank you again!


    • You’re most welcome Ciara. I did picked up the cudgel of promoting athletics (at least on blog) here in the Philippines as nobody is doing it, including the people and the organizations that supposed to promote it.

      How is Mr Enrique? I am proud too, of our athletes’ sacrifice and accomplishments in the 50s to 60s, as we used to contend with the best of Asia.

      • pirieandrew says:

        I remember meeting Enrique at the national open. You guys are based in the states right? He was telling me how he ran 10.4 hand as a Junior.

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