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Philippine National Games:  DAY 1 Pictures

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Phil Nat Games in Review Sprints

by: Andrew Pirie

Philippine National Games: Sprints

Girls Sprints

The outright favourite in the 100 (12.33et) and 200 (25.34et) will be Hyper Sports Jennyrose Rosales the 18 year old who is coached by athletic legend Elma Muros won the sprint treble at the UAAP. Rosales will not compete in the 400 this time as she is conserving her energy for the Asian Juniors on June 7 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Perhaps Rosales key opponent will be National High School Champion Maureen Emily Schrivjers of TMS (12.4ht) and (25.6ht) who won the Girls 200m last year at this event. Eloisa Luzon of Northern Mindanao who was runnerup to Schrivjers this year at the Palaro (12.5ht) is likely to have the third spot on the podium. Batang Pinoy Champion 14 year old Mary Anthony Diesto who won the PNG last year against a weak field in 13.06et is not likely to feature in the medals this year after finishing sixth at the Palaro.

Rosales will be the one to beat in the Girls 100-200m Dash

With Rosales opting out of the quarter mile the race favourite Avejil Baclas from Capiz (58.5ht), Baclas finished second last year at the National Games and at the PRISAA. Challenging Baclas will be Palaro Champion Neslee Angco of Bohol (58.9ht) and Jelyn Lancita (58.7ht) who was runner up a the Palaro.

Boys Sprints

For NCAA Champion Daniel Noval its all about having enough momentum to carry through to a National Junior Record on his way to the Asian Juniors. Noval time of 10.84 during the NCAA was .02 off the Mark of Ralph Soguilon. Despite the fact last years champion Romnick Nor is injured, Noval will be pushed all the way to the line by 18 year old Pearnel Lobos. Lobos is the son of two former national athletess. He registered 10.7 at the HyperSport time trials two weeks ago. Noval and Lobos are also expected to go 1-2 in the Boys 200m. With slow winning times in the Palaro of 11.1, 23.2, and 51.5. It is not likely any of the countries top high schoolers will be able to keep pace with these two.


Womens Sprints

After very disappointing entries last year in the 100-200 with only 4 in each event the fields are looking a lot greener this year. Leading the line up is Princess Joy Griffey the second fastest women of all time in both events (11.58 and 24.00). Griffey is very unlikely to be challenged. In the 100m National Champion from last year Kat Santos, and filam Leah Apelar who has been running consistently in the NCAA in California will fill the minor medals. Apelar also has strong chances in the 200 (with a PB of 24.93) has been running consistent 25.2-25.3 with a breakthrough likely to follow through from a taper.

The Womens 400m will see training partners Keizel Pedrina the National Champion who recently improved her best time to 56.6 being pushed all the way to the line by Hypersport team mate Lorna Olarita the PRISAA Champion and last years junior champion (57.5 without blocks), likely sweep gold and silver with the other medal going to Josie Malacad.


Mens Sprints

A strong field of local sprinters will face a stern challenge from Malaysian sprinters. With last years top two and Hyper-Force team mates Romnick Herida and Andrew Pirie, joined by 2010 National Champion Henry Dagmil of Laguna and UAAP Bronze Medalist Jasper Tanhueco of TMS.

The Mens 200m will prove to be even more of a thrilling local affair with Herida and Pirie up against last years champion Isidro Del Prado Jr. of Run4change, Archand Bagsit of Laguna , and Julius Nierrras of Hyperforce.

A very inform sea games silver medalist Bagsit will be the over whelming favorite in the mens 400m. Bagsit having recently ran 47.44et during round 2 of the Asian Grand Prix bumped himself upto #6 on the Filipino Mens All-time list.  Perhaps challenging for the minor medals will be Bagsit’s gold winning team mates in the last sea games 4×4. Edgardo Alejan, Junrey Bano and Julius Nierras. With an outside challenge coming from Christopher Rey Demata and Isidro Del Prado Jr. challenging for spots in the quartet.

Evaluation time

I have always believed that all National Sports Associations (NSAs), including PATAFA, should be run and managed like a multi- national corporation, where high standards and performance evaluation matter.

From the CEO, to the VPs, Senior and Junior Managers, down to the lowliest rank and file staff, they are all evaluated annualy, sometimes semi annual or even monthly by their superiors.  The objective of course, is to reinforce the good things that they are doing, and address the not so good things they are doing.  More importantly, to re align the staff with the company’s strategies and goals for a particular period, if they are trending not to hit their objectives.

The purpose and main aim of  the process, is to help the company hit its targets for that period.

Said evaluation’s results will be the basis for promotion, citation and/or salary increase of the staff.

Non performing staff, on the other hand, were given failing marks and/or given recovery plans.

But if CEOs, VPs and staff  get failing marks for consecutive years, they are shown the way out ,following the process outlined by the company’s code of ethics of course.

This, I believe, should be implemented as well in PATAFA.

From the President, to the coaches and officials, and even to the back office staff: accountants, admin, PR, should be given evaluation periodically.  Of course, athletes are not exempted here.

This article, would like to focus however, on the evaluation of the coaches.


One way of evaluating the coaches is to take into consideration, the number of medals their athletes won in a given period.  To simplify things, lets just use the SEA Games performance as our gauge.

The 2011 SEA Games Athletics Delegation of the Philippines with PSC Chairman Richie Garcia

For the last three (3) SEA Games, the Philippines collected the following medals in athletics:

2007: 5-7-9 (gold-silver-bronze tally), 19 athletes

2009: 7-3-4, 12 athletes

2011: 2-9-5, 14 athletes

My suggestion for PATAFA is to evaluate the coaches of the athletes who were not able to deliver any medals for the last 3 SEA Games. Retain those who were bringing the medals consistently, and boot out those who haven’t produced even a single medal.

Note: The 2 golds at the 2011 SEA Games maybe upgraded to 3 pending the official results of the doping test of the Malaysian team.

Part of the 2007 SEA Games PATAFA delegation during the opening ceremonies

Below are the medalists in athletics from 2007 to 2011.

2007 SEA Games
1 Julius Nierras Men’s 400m 46.56s
2 Rene Herrera Men’s 3,000m steeplechase 8:54.21
3 Henry Dagmil Men’s Long Jump 7.87m
4 Arniel Ferrera Men’s Hammer Throw 60.98m
5 Marestella Torres Women’s Long Jump 6.31m
1 Midel Dique Men’s 800m 1:52.72
2 Julius Sermona Men’s 5000m 14:19.20
3 Julius Sermona Men’s 10,000m 31:16.75
4 Danilo Fresnido Men’s Javelin Throw 68.14m
5 Mary Grace Milgar Women’s 400m hurldes 59.07
6 Deborah Samson Women’s Pole Vault 3.90m
7 Rosie Villarito Women’s Javelin Throw 50.49m
1 Mens Relay Team 4x400m 3:08.53
2 Eduardo Buenavista Men’s Marathon 2:27.21
3 Jobert Delicano Men’s Triple Jump 16.07m
4 Emerson Obiena Men’s Pole Vault 4.70m
5 Eliezer Sunang Men’s Shotput 15.62m
6 Arnold Villarube Decathlon 6713 pts
7 Mercedita Manipol Women’s 10,000m 35:05.57
8 Jho Ann Banayag Women’s Marathon 2:44:41
9 Narcisa Atienza Hepthathlon 5093 pts
2009 SEA Games
1 Rene Herrera Men’s 3,000m steeplechase 9:11.20
2 Eduardo Buenavista Men’s Marathon 2:21:10
3 Arniel Ferrera Men’s Hammer Throw 61.62m
4 Danilo Fresnido Men’s Javelin Throw 72.93m
5 Jho Ann Banayag Women’s Marathon 2:46:34
6 Marestella Torres Women’s Long Jump 6.68m
7 Rosie Villarito Women’s Javelin Throw 49.69m
1 Jobert Delicano Men’s Long Jump 7.74m
2 Mercedita Fetalvero Women’s 10,000m 36:15.66
3 Narcisa Atienza Heptathlon 5,167 pts
1 Julius Sermona Men’s 5000m 14:59.85
2 Henry Dagmil Men’s Long Jump 7.72m
3 Jobert Delicano Men’s Triple Jump 16.12m
4 Mercedita Fetalvero Women’s 5,000m 17:12.09
2011 SEA Games
1 Rene Herrera Men’s 3,000m steeplechase 8:52.23
2 Marestella Torres Women’s Long Jump 6.71m
1 Archand Christian Bagsit Men’s 400m 47.71
2 Mervin Guarte Men’s 800m 1:50.69
3 Mervin Guarte Men’s 1,500m 3:47.65
4 Mens Relay Team Men’s 4x400m 3:11.16
5 Eric Panique Men’s Marathon 2:28.26
6 Henry Dagmil Men’s Long Jump 7.78m
7 Arniel Ferrera Women’s Hammer Throw 60.19m
8 Rosie Villarito Women’s Javelin Throw 47.35m
9 Narcisa Atienza Heptathlon 5,285 pts
1 Eduardo Buenavista Men’s Marathon 2:29:09
2 Benigno Marayag Men’s Long Jump 7.61m
3 Danilo Fresnido Men’s Javelin Throw 66.27m
4 Katherine Kay Santos Women’s Long Jump 6.25m
5 Loralie Sermona Women’s Hammer Throw 49.69m


Another way of evaluating the coaches is to check the progression of the athletes under their watch.  PATAFA has to take note of the mark of the athletes at the point where they were taken in, and compare that on a yearly basis.  Example: if a national athlete were taken in 2 years ago with a time of 58s in the womens 400m, but after two years, her time only progressed to 57s, then the coach have a problem, granting that there were no injuries on the part of the athlete.


But I think the best way to evaluate coaches is to put a scoring system for coaches all through out the season.  PATAFA should design a scoring table wherein coaches will earn points depending on the placing of their wards.  Points can be higher during national meets versus regional and club meets.   Bonus points will be given if his atheltes will win international medals and/or achieve Olympic standards.

 Whatever the evaluation system is, the  important thing is that, there’s a periodic review and evaluation of the coaches. Because if there’s no accountability from them, then our progress as an athletics nation, will be forever hampered.

Geb wins Manchester Run

Haile at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

Two time 10,000m Olympic Champion Haile Gebrselassie won the 10k Great Manchester Run with a time of 27min  29sec last May 20, the fastest 10k road this year.

The 39-year-old Ethiopian surprised his younger compatriots: Tsegae Kebede and Ayele Abshero, thus winning his fourth title in a row.

The ageless Haile will run another 10k at Hengelo, Holland, next Sunday in a race which will also serve as the Ethiopian trials, with the top three set to be selected for the London Olympics.

Geb already missed out the Marathon team by finishing fourth in February’s Tokyo Marathon with a time of 2:08.17.

Below is the 2012 Toplist for 10k as of May 23, 2012:

Mark    Athlete    Nation    DOB    Pos    Venue    Date   
27:39 Haile Gebrselassie  ETH 18/04/1973 1 Manchester 20/05/2012
27:47 Kenenisa Bekele  ETH 13/06/1982 1 Dublin 15/04/2012
27:50 Philip Yego  KEN 1979 1 Brunssum 01/04/2012
27:53 Jacob Korir Cheshari  KEN 1989 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:53 Stephen Kipkosgei Kibet  KEN 09/11/1986 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:53 Geoffrey Kipsang  KEN 28/11/1992 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:53 Jonathan Kiplimo Maiyo  KEN 1988 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:53 Mosinet Geremew  ETH 12/02/1992 1 Paderborn 07/04/2012
27:54 Andualem Belay  ETH 05/04/1992 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:54 Merkebu Birke  ETH 1988 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:54 Victor Kipchirchir  KEN 1986 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:54 Bernard Kiprop Koech  KEN 31/01/1988 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:54 Yigrem Demelash  ETH 26/01/1994 2 Paderborn 07/04/2012
27:55 Kenneth Kiprop Kipkemoi  KEN 02/08/1984 + Den Haag 11/03/2012
27:56 Ahmed Baday  MAR 1974 1 Taroudant 11/03/2012
27:56 Ayele Abshero  ETH 28/12/1990 2 Manchester 20/05/2012
27:56 Tsegay Kebede  ETH 15/01/1987 3 Manchester 20/05/2012
27:57 Simon Cheprot  KEN 2 Taroudant 11/03/2012
27:57 David Kipketer Kosgei  KEN 3 Paderborn 07/04/2012
27:59 Alfred Kipserem Cherop  KEN 02/03/1986 2 Brunssum 01/04/2012


Imperial Manila tracksters grab overall Athletics crown

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN-NCRAA Athletics team dominated the  tourney by accumulating 30 points which is a 10-point lead from their closest rival Western Visayas in the conclusion of the Athletics saga in the 2012 Palarong Pambansa here at the  Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center on 05-May.

Wrapping the afternoon session was the relays which were temporary halted due to a downpour. Nevertheless, it never dampen the spirit of big city athletes by doing a near sweep in all relay divisions by winning the 4x100m and 4x400m in elementary and secondary boys  as well in the secondary girls. While Western Visayas kids steal the possible sweep of big city gang by winning the 4x400m elementary girls.Their other victories in the sprints and field events strengthen their base in points collection which is the basis of declaring the overall champs in the centerpiece event.

Athletics Overall Ranking:

1. NCRAA- 30pts.

2. WVRAA- 20pts

3. CALABARZON- 10pts.

4. CVRAA and BRAA- 4 pts.

6- IRAA (RIAA)- 2 pts.

Reference :

(Reports and Photos by: Airnel T. Abarra; Pinoymiler’s wire in Palaro 2012) COPYRIGHT

Big City and West Visayas Girl Shine in Morning Day 5 Palaro

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN- After her victory in the 1,500m on day four, West Visayas lass Jonesa Mie Sustituedo went for another sweep this time in the 3,000 run here in the sunny track of Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center for day five of Athletics competition at the 2012 Palarong Pambansa.

Sustituedo finished a stunning 10:34.1 time to win the race with a great advantage over much taller rivals and able to overlap other competitors without losing her running form. The Iloilo-based barefoot runner show effortless running and kept her pace throughout the whole event. Jonesa capture her second gold in the tourney and break the 3k Palaro record for secondary girls.

Meanwhile in the 200m secondary distaff side, Maureen Emily Schrivjers picked her 3rd mint jousting rivals from other regions. Being one of the tallest and senior sprinters in her group, she successfully adds another rank for the Big City region. Other events in the morning session includes the 200m dash for boys and pole vault secondary boys final. (Results are posted now as of 12-May)

Reports and photos by: Airnel T. Abarra; Copyright, 2012

Elementary girls melt Palaro 1,500m record

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN- Northern Mindanao’s Jie Ann Calis and West Visayas’ Angelica de Josef both shattered the record in 1,500m run in elementary girls final. The Northern Mindanao bet clocked 4:48.9 which erased the 4:53.10 time of Joneza Mie Sustituedo set in last year’s Palaro. Meanwhile West Visayas athlete De Josef register 4:49.9 for the silver finish.

Photos and reports by: Airnel T. Abarra-Pinoymiler’s wire in Palarong Pambansa 2012 (Updated as of 11-May-2012;9:00)

Photos: Copyright, 2012 by Airnel T. Abarra

Sustituedo: Middle-distance Cinderella girl

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN- Western Visayas Athletic Association (WVRAA) continues their gold medal haul in the PM session of day 4 Athletics Tourney in the 2012 Palarong Pambansa. Barefoot runner Joneza Mie Sustituedo clocked a remarkable 4:58.3 time to become the face of 1,500m run for secondary girls in a hot and humid Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center. Being one of the youngest competitors in her category she only use  medical plaster as foot protection. She maintain her pace throughout the race and crossed the finish line victorious doing another gold rush for West Visayas Region. (Report by: Airnel T. Abarra, Pinoymiler’s wire in Palaro 2012) Updated 11-May-2012

Shattered records, golden harvests mark Day 4 Palaro

Shattered records, golden harvests mark Day 4 Palaro

Airnel T. Abarra-Pinoymiler wire in Palaro 2012 (13:41;10-May-12)

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan- Western Visayas’ bet Ronald Lacson make his mark in the elementary boys Javelin by throwing 53.47m smashing the 51.88m record of STRAA’s Jonah Robles established in 1998. NCR’s Maureen Emily Schrivjers also establish a 1.62m leap in high jump secondary girls that made the 1.61m record of CAR’s Marla Felice Ellaga erased. Several athletes go for a golden harvest today, day 4 morning session of the Athletics competition here at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center.

ARMM’s Zulkhaer Salilana went for a double crown finish today by winning the 110m Hurdles and 400m run. This haul adds up to his 400m hurdle crown last 9-May. Western Visayas’ Angelica De Josef adds another medal in her neck by emerging victorious in 400m dash elementary level. Her colleague in the secondary level, Julius Carl Berona reign in the 400m sprints in the secondary boy’s side.

Other stand-outs in the morning session of day 4 Palaro Athletics are Jaime Immanuel Mejia of NCRAA who bag the 110m hurdles secondary boys with a clock of 15.5 seconds. In the distaff side, Neslee Angco of CVRAA captures the first place in the 400m dash secondary girls with a time of 59.4. While her teammate Pamela Marquillero secured a gold medal finish by winning the 100m hurdles elementary girls. Meanwhile CAR’s Jasmine Felix nailed a 15.6 finish at the century hurdles secondary girls and CAVRAA’s Clarynel Cabildo cleared a 1.40-leap capturing the laurel in the high jump elementary girls.


Schrivjers shatters Palaro High Jump record

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN- Big city trackster Maureen Emily Schrivjers set a new record in secondary girls high jump for Palarong Pambansa  by clearing 1.62 meters which is a centimeter higher than the previous record set by CARAA’s Marla Felice Ellaga of 1.61m. This win is another gold  for NCRAA and second mint for the St. Stephen High School stand-out. We will post the compete results later once it its wired to the media center here in Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center.

Photos and report by: Airnel T. Abarra-Pinoymiler’s wire in Palaro 2012; Copyright 2012


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